Thursday, 4 March 2010

Observations in Commerce 1

1. Women, Make-up and Marketing

Even in the hostel where I write this, there are (Surrogates – style) posters with airbrushed chicks on them, smiling at the cameras as if the switch on the lower base of their skulls might be switched off if they didn’t smile that hard.

As I walked around Auckland city centre, it really hit me. Virtually 98% of every chick I looked at was wearing make-up, trying really hard to get their ‘fairytale costume’ correct. Blimey, what an effort.

Recently, walking around and flicking on the TV, I can see how in your face, literally, this Surrogate, plastic-style make-up thing is pushed on women. And what’s funny, is that for the most part, I have been socially conditioned to find that attractive.

Perhaps now, I’m starting to literally see through the façade, and notice that underneath all that shit, these women are suffering.

The concept of painting our identities on to our faces each day seems hilarious, does it not? The concept ‘just be’ seems to be far long gone, and I think the whole make-up thing is one massive culprit in that loss.

Just an observation for the day…

1 comment:

  1. men suffer the same fate, those designer shoes, branded t-shirts, and expensive jeans too strip a man of his true identity, much the same as for us women and our need to wear make up or have the latest it bag.

    we're all becoming part of a generic herd, where individualism is frowned upon, thinking out of the box is considered to be a bit nuts, kooky, a hippy where really we are just free thinking members of society who can see the world for what it is and ultimately what it could be.

    if only we could all break free from this but society is conditioned, most cannot see the wood for the trees.

    the constant bombardment of advertising, consumerism and this insane idea to achieve perfection is disconnecting us from what is real, the living breathing reality of the world that we live on and its struggle to cope as we constantly tear all we can from it, destroying habitats permanently killing off precious life, with little regard for our fellow human as we work them to the death in our quest for cheap goods and designer products.