Thursday, 18 June 2009

Update: Download Festival 2009

Well, what a fucking mental weekend.
Hazardous Davis had the pleasure of working Download this year, his awards as follows (you can see various vids below this post, and also on youtube)

Best Show - Slipknot
Best Sound - Devil Driver
Most Mental Pit - Killswitch Engage for crowd surfing and Pendulum for injuries.
Most Goosebumps in one song - Parkway Drive
Most Anticipated - Slipknot/Korn
Best Dressed - Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit
Biggest fuck-up - Manson
Best selection of Baps - Sunday in general

And there you have it, what a sick weekend!

VIDEO: Korn at Download 09

Korn, childhood heroes, shredding out at Donnington.
Their new drummer is absolutely insane!


Right Now

Y'all want a single

More classic vids on Youtube.

VIDEO: Limp Bizkit at Download 09

Limp Bizkit, Fuckin' up your town.

Part 1 Break Stuff and My Generation

8.43, look who it is, Hazardous Davis himself: 0867.

Part 2
My Generation and Livin' It Up

Hello again, at 6.10.

Wes Borland, never fails to impress with his outfits now does he?

Part 3 - Show me what you got + Nookie
8.11 pretty much getting gooched in the face.

Part 4 - Hot Dog + Eat You Alive

Part 5 - Rollin' + Full Nelson
The British BumRush

Part 6 - My Way and Faith

Part 7 - Take a Look Around

VIDEO: Parkway Drive at Download 09

What can I say? I was probably the luckiest man on earth this weekend. I got to see my favourite band, Parkway Drive, on my break! Check out some of the vids from their set:

Boneyards, Jesus.

Romance is Dead, I do Believe,


Interview with Winston

The Parkway Drive Dvd, check out the flip off of the speaker!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Video - Baptazia

Absolute gold.

I've just learned my new dance moves for this weekend...1.20, had me creasing up.

Video - The Invisible Rope

Man this cracked me up, just shows how our psyche thinks stuff is there sometimes.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

VIDEO; Undercover with the BNP

Fascist scum, caught admitting it on tape.
I'm not a believer in voting, but if it's to keep these fuckers out, then tomorrow I'm ticking green.