Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Obervations in Commerce 22; System-based 'Solutions'

OIC 22.

System-based 'Solutions'

I have now concluded that I approach any theory/remedy for freedom which is based within the system, with a high state of caution.
The very prospect of a 'system-based solution' to acheiving freedom, seems to me to be the epitome of paradox.
Freedom knows no structure, knows no system.
So to claim you have a solution geared towards getting free within the system, wreaks of paradox and disillusion.
This doesn't mean I will ignore your solution though. After all, your theories might just make the time I am in the system a little more bearable - I just won't be taking your message as gospel.


  1. It's no paradox. It's a distraction! "We will lead every revolution against us."

  2. I agree - there's no freedom in the system, but John's on it: "He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed." John 8:36