Saturday, 6 March 2010

In relation to OIC 8

On a broader perspective, you can see how Western Civilsation is gradually phasing out the true experience, living in the moment.

We're getting faster and faster as a rat race. Our brains constantly chatter to us whenever physical activity ceases, and even when it doesn't, there's still a voice in there somewhere.

I wonder how anyone so caught up in the system can claim to be 'living in the moment' at all.
The system's very set-up opposes the above statement entirely, because if everyone was living in the moment, a system would not be necessary.

Which leads me to announce that I have had to postpone my 'Diaries of Preparing for Death'.

I have been somewhat forced into becoming a temporary part of this system, for reasons I will explain shortly. And what I have found is that I cannot begin to live in the moment whilst being so caught up in it all.
I tried and recorded my first day of the experiment, and found that it was so lame and my day consisted of such menial and monotonous, systematic bullshit, that I was somewhat ashamed of claiming that that would be my effort at living each moment as if it was my last.
I am a little gutted that it's futile to continue for now.

My understanding has led me to see that you need finances to free yourself from the system. Then you can begin to live in the moment. Right now, I'm trying to accumulate those finances so I can get the fuck out.

'Why finances?' I hear you ask. 'There are other ways?'
There are, of course. But some of those require illegal activity. I don't have the money for a good lawyer, and a recent experience clarified that I don't want to spend my short time on this planet in prisons.

That leaves me with one option - Keep your head down, earn cash, and once you have enough, then get out.

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