Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Observations in Commerce 12; Money and the Invasion of Privacy

OIC 12

Money and the invasion of Privacy

Money has literally invaded my dreams. A recurring dream of an animal biting you is said to be an explanation of a certain anxiety within you and your subconscious. For me, it has been snakes. The anxiety; cash flow, or lack thereof.
And so, such a fuck up is the cash system, that the fear of not having money, combined with the fear of what one would do when they don't have money, is that apparent that it has worked it's way into a realm which I thought would be immune to such fictional shit - the dreamworld.
Granted, it is a choice whether or not you have anxiety towards cash flow, but it's hard to avert yourself from that choice when you've been conditioned to have such anxious responses for the last 18+ years!

12b. Jobs in the Dreamtime
Money isn't the only fictional invader that's wormed its way into my dreamtime; so has looking for a job! So much so, that I even dreamt one of my relatives had turned their house into a bar, and that I was applying for a job there. That, is rude.

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