Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Observations in Commerce 14; Ignorance and the Law

14. Ignorance and The Law.

It's somewhat cliche, but the system, really, really does depend on people's ignorance of the Law and Legal System to be able to function as it does. And by ignorance, I mean (if you're not a lawyer or have the capital to provide with access to a good one), everyone.
If you're not a lawyer, or have studied the law is as much depth as a practicing lawyer has, then I would have to say you are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to existing within the system.
If you have a lot of money, then that just keeps the system ticking over, because cash-flow is precisely one of the largest fuels that the system has.
So just because you're loaded, doesn't necessarily mean you're at a complete legal advantage (the average rich man is probably just as ignorant of the law as is the average prole), it just means you're less likely to end up in prison.

14b. Ignorance, The Law and The Proles.

Is it any coincidence at all, that the vast majority of the people I observed in the courthouse today, were people with very little money to their name?

14c. Ignorance, The Law and Education.

This was the realisation of it all, whilst I was sat in the courthouse waiting room, observing everybody around me.
In our fairytale, if you are classed as 'educated', it is supposed to mean that you're less likely to get fucked by the legal system. You're more likely to have 'seen it coming', if you like. Well, that's bullshit.
Technically, I'm classed as 'educated', yet look where I was when I made this observation; in the courthouse. Granted, I committed a 'crime', but it took me to commit a crime for me to realise that although I'm 'educated', I don't know shit about the law!
To conclude, there's a MASSIVE Newspeak factor in play here.
The system manages to tick over because:-
a) There's people with no/little money, driven to commit crimes due to their poverty, and don't know the laws in depth - what we would call 'uneducated' perhaps.
b) There's people who are classed as 'educated', but really know fuck all about the law too, myself included. But, these 'educated' lot are more likely to have some cash. So when shit hits the fan in the courtroom, the courthouse (and the system in general), will benefit financially from the ignorance of the 'educated'. 'Oh, I'll just pay the fine,' he says, dismissively. You can say the courts would benefit more so financially from the 'educated', than they would from the 'uneducated'.
But in reality, the level of (lack of) legal knowledge between the two classes is the same.

14d. The bigger picture; Proles and The Rest

Therefore, to keep the prisons full, you need the uneducated to keep committing crimes and getting caught and prosecuted for those crimes. And you do that by keeping them in poverty stricken conditions.
But to keep the system ticking over financially, you need the 'educated' - the people with the cash but without the legal knowledge.
Thus, keep telling and labeling the 'educated' as such, and they won't want to learn anything more, will they!
Oh, how Orwell really knew his shit.

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