Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Obervations in Commerce 20; Charities and the Fairytale

OIC 20.

Charities and the Fairytale

There are thousands of charities in our system.
I say that because right now, as I'm being swallowed back in to the system myself, I'm looking around charity shops for my costumes of commerce. And for that, I must say, I am thankful, because charity shops are much cheaper!
However, this observation spawns from the idea that 'have charities really solved anything, (socially)?'
This might be a touchy subject for some, but I personally feel that charities are a great example of 'nursing the wound', but not such a great example of finding what caused the wound in the first place.
Charities have done some great 'wound-nursing' within the system. Working with the homeless populations across the globe has taught me that. And I think for a short time, it can be a healthy thing for one to volunteer their labour for a charity. If anything, to put your own issues into perspective and realise that actually, you haven't got it so bad afterall.
But as a long-term solution to the world's problems, charities, nor donating millions to them, are not going to solve them.

And so, I don't feel it's productive in the long-term, for one to dedicate their energy and attention to the Charity Industry in hope of a global solution.

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  1. You got it: It's the existence of charities, and only that, which makes them necessary.