Friday, 30 October 2009

Dumpster Diving Diaries; Marks and Spencer; you criminal bastards

The hands of dye....

Just the amount of effort that must have taken...

That's right, EVERY single thing in that bag was split open deliberately, so that the dye would contaminate it.

That's Marks and Spencer for you. So, next time you're in there, do yourself a favour and take a shit on their floor, yeah?

Oh, and they didn't win.
Result: 3 potatoes, a cucumber and a box of mince pies.

Dumpster Divers never lose.

Monday, 26 October 2009


Can you guess what song these lyrics are from?

'Feel no pain, but my life ain't easy
I know I'm my best friend
No one cares, but I'm so much stronger
I'll fight until the end
To escape from the true false world
Undamaged destiny
Can't get caught in the endless circle
Ring of stupidity

Out for my own, out to be free
One with my mind, they just can't see
No need to hear things that they say
Life's for my own to live my own way

Rape my mind and destroy my feelings
Don't tell me what to do
I don't care now, 'cause I'm on my side
And I can see through you
Feed my brain with your so called standards
Who says that I ain't right
Break away from your common fashion
See through your blurry sight


See them try to bring the hammer down
No damn chains can hold me to the ground

Life's for my own to live my own way'

Figured it out yet?


The lyrics ring a great truth behind them.
Remember, 'Free Will is the best thing God ever gave us'.
So take life by the balls, and live it your own way.


Dumpster Diving Diaries - Olive Detention

This was last week's midweek madness in the pm. Waitrose's criminal effort of throwing out at least £70+ of olives! MENTAL!

Anarchist Bookfair Report

So last Saturday, 24th saw my first experience of an ‘Anarchist Bookfair’, this one im particular being held at the Queen Mary and Westfield College in Mile End, London. And where to begin!? What a fantastic day it was.

Although I only spent a couple of hours picking up various texts and other assorted anarchistic pieces of wisdom, it was a wicked day with great organisation, and surprisingly busier than I thought it would be!

Haha, I had to laugh. I rocked up in the first hall thinking ‘Wow, this isn’t bad.’ And it actually took me a further 30 minutes to realise that I’d been bumbling around the ‘Welcome Hall’ and that the Main Hall was down the corridor, turning out to be about 3 times the size! Fantastic!

I’ve attached some photos of the literature I picked up, along with various quirky items such as stickers and leaflets.

I did myself proud of stickering the fuck out of my route back from Mile End to Euston, gaining some hilarious looks of dismay and amazement from members of the public, and a wink and a smile or two from fellow under-cover anarchists, as I rushed to peel, slap and pat ‘mind-assaulting’ slogans on the LCD monitors that now gracefully line the escalator routes leading both in and out of the underground stations.

If you haven’t been to an Anarchist Bookfair before, I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately I didn’t network as much I had liked to as I was on a pretty stiff time-budget, however, everyone I did speak to was sound as a pound, and were fully open to chatting longer I’m sure, if only I had more time!

If you’re interested in Anarchism, then Saturday solidified the fact that there is a SHIT LOAD of literature available out there for informing you all just what the fuck we Molotov-slinging, black-attire-winging nut-jobs are all about. Your best bet is torrent downloads, but you can’t beat a good old shred of a book-fair for feeding off of the buzz in the air from like-minded people. For those of you that know the Pioneers personally, the books that I now have in my possession will be lent out to you if you wish, in due course. Having a good selection of Anarchist Literature is always valuable, mostly for lending out to people to have a good old gander out so they can form an opinion on the topic for themselves.

Bare in mind however, getting too caught up in reading the literature is just as pathological as sitting back and reading fuck all, so try to balance the informative front with the activity front, and you’ll be doing just fine.

Word to mother.

Dumpster Diving Diaries - Midweek madness (belated)

So this was last wednesday's taking, during the day! My first broad-daylight effort. Not a bad shout at all, :D

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Video- Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff video, 20 odd mins, well worth a watch.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dumpster Diving Diaries; Midweek!

Midweek Madness!

First Wait'rose raid; absolute killing of fruit. Criminal I tell you, criminal!

And yes, say 'Hello' to our fridge (I think she's sinking...)

Blessings to all,

Monday, 12 October 2009

Dumpster Diving Diaries

Last Night's load, various things such as a lot of raspberries and carrots!

Total time: (exc. walk there and back) 10 mins

Didn't have the car tonight, so I just took what was enough for me.
Gate was open when I got there, and my new head torch worked a treat!


Mexican Free Running

As Hazardous John was in Mexico just the other day; here's a little something I came across this morning...

Favourites have got to be 1.47 and the backflip in to the rock pool at 3 minutes something.
Oh, and the sample used in the track talking about being one with the Universe.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

TheAntiTerrorist's guide to dealing with the Police

Some very valuable information with regards to dealing with the Police, in a variety of situations.




Very good videos, enjoy!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Dropping out in the 21st Century

Article here, very interesting points raised, and quite well written.

"All of it was a dream. All that crap we bought, all the bottled water and Blu-Ray players and designer shoes and iPod Shuffles and patio heaters; all the jobs we had; all the catchphrases we memorised and the stupid things we thought. Everything we did for the past 10 years - none of it really felt real, did it? Time to snap out of it. Time to grow our own vegetables and learn hand-to-hand combat with staves. And time, perhaps, to really start living.” - Charlie Brooker

Follow up to previous article

This was listed in the comments and replies section with regards to the article below;

Great article, Gabriela, about one of my oldest and closest friends. Unlike some other pieces written about Daniel, yours gives him the respect and dignity he deserves, focusing on global issues of poverty, wealth, spirituality and human happiness. Daniel has a degree in Anthropology from CU, Boulder, which is where we met in the 1980’s, in a course on the Psychology of Religion.

My favorite anecdote about Daniel is the way he made it to my wedding in 2001. At the time he was living in a swamp in Florida, rich in wildlife, taking meals with the Hare Krishnas and spending his days doing research in the university library. To get to the wedding in Utah he contacted the Drive-away company and offered to transport a vehicle. They set him up with a brand new Mercedes convertible. Along the way he would park this $60,000 new convertible adjacent to dumpsters so he could rummage for some food “to go.”

Daniel’s lifestyle over the last decade can be portrayed as anthopological research, living in a fringe subculture of a powerful and wealthy society. What he notices about the rest of us is both intriguing and compelling. But Daniel is also a great biblical scholar who reads Hebrew and other ancient languages, finding profound nuances in scriptural passages, then conveying deep truth in a way that awakens more conventional people like me. His current lifestyle is driven by a passionate, mystical philosophy that will never allow him to feel homeless on a planet that is entirely owned by God.

Although Daniel tries never to barter, at one level he does participate in the same kind of barter system known for centuries to Franciscan or Buddhist monks. His presence in our house “adds value” to the quality of life experience that my wife and I enjoy. He brings peace with him wherever he goes. We adore him, and so do all of our animals, whom he often “babysits” when we travel. You could even say our many fruit trees adore Daniel. He has helped prune and cultivate them over the years, thoroughly enjoyed many afternoon naps in a hammock in their shade, and savored their bounty with a kind of deep, mystical gratitude that few of us humans ever really feel.

If anyone could call Daniel a “mooch” it would be me and my wife, because our home (and refrigerator) are always and unconditionally open to him. Yet we have never felt mooched, or otherwise taken advantage of. Quite the opposite, we look forward to his arrivals, feel enriched during his stays, and are saddened by his departures. Daniel is not a weight on society, holding us all back, as the word “mooch” implies. Instead, he is more like an angel who asks for nothing, but lifts us up others with his peace, love and wisdom.

Perhaps the “mooching” equation should be turned around. How many in the world, who enjoy great material wealth, truly have an endless supply of love, wisdom, inner peace and happiness that they share freely with others around them? In many respects Daniel can be thought of as a saintly leader, one who has made great personal sacrifices in order to develop broadband access to God. Now the rest of us get to “mooch” off of his free internet wi-fi connection to heaven whenever he is around.

Inspiring, to say the least.

Freegan lives for 9 years without money...

Article here. Worth a read.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

We're Back...

So it's been about 4 months since our last post.
Well, we're still alive, and in different parts of the globe.

Just a quick update;
Hazardous John is now residing in Guatemala, aiming to stay there for about 15 months with his scuba-diving instruction, which is fantastic.
Hazardous Davis is currently arranging travel plans for Europe and Australia in the next coming month.

So what have we been doing? Well to put it bluntly; living. We both pretty much concluded that we were spending too much time on the net, getting caught up in the world wide web and forgetting that we were actually spending our time behind the keyboard, living through a screen, instead of really hitting life hard.
So that's the choice we made, and for about the last 4 months, it has been a roller-coaster of events.

We are back in action, posts are looking to be made about once a week, focusing mainly on the freeganism aspect of city live, at least until Hazardous Davis gets on his travels, when I'm sure the posts will entail more about how to Vagabond around the world.
Hazardous John's contributions will be focused on his travels too, as he's away from the city for the most part.

It's good to be back, so keep you're eyes peeled every week or so for various interesting bits and pieces.