Monday, 30 November 2009

Knowledge: Book Review - The Element; Ken Robinson

Read this book about a week ago. I'd give it a 4/5 and recommend you check it out. If you know me, get in touch because I'm lending this out as I have my own copy.

The book talks about finding your passion and the ways to go about it/ the principles involved. There's not much more I can really say about it, it's one of those books you'll just have to read.

It is written by the same guy who did the TED talk on 'Do schools kill creativity?' which you can find in the HP archive section. Worth a watch, as there's some very interesting points raised.

Most notably for me, is that both the IQ test (the most influential form of intelligence-measurement in the west) and the SAT-examination system were both originally developed by eugenicists. Yet these forms of intelligence measurement, originally based upon a racial agenda, are still being used to determine, essentially, who's clever / likely to 'succeed' in life and who's not.
Pretty hectic.

Give it a read, but don't expect to be blown away, because despite the gravity of some of the issues raised, the author doesn't hit it that hard, probably because he wants to market this book the mainstream, and not the black-bloc'ers of education disruption.

If only...

MovNat/Parkour ; Training with Sydney Parkour

Yesterday saw Hazardous Davis and fellow brother Sunda-Thunder catch up with the well established Sydney Parkour tribe deep in the heart of the central city at Pyrmont Point Park; the meeting spot that would separate the elastic from the plastic.

A 5.4km journey on foot from our location to the RV meant that to be honest, I was almost fully cained before even starting class! The heat was pretty outrageous, and my Jeremy Bead-on was in full effect. Still, we seemed to make a good impression - not bad for a pair of withered, sweaty, lumps of British Cheddar.

The waiver forms were signed, and the wristbands were filled in with our emergency contact details, and the $10 were not paid, simply because we didn't realise that it was a formal class! Don't worry, we genuinely weren't trying to skam them, as the HPs don't believe in skamming fellow tribesmen, but the SP crew were kind enough to let us off, for this once. Except this was the last class of the year....Result.

Ego's pushed to one side (difficult at first) we both joined in with the 'first-timers' group, beginning with:


Dynamic Stretching - (movement based) better for warming-up cold muscles before activity, doesn't weaken the muscles, as opposed to static stretching, which is better to do with warm muscles after activity.

Starting at the ankles, working up to the necks - included some shoulder warm-up that I've never done before and really gets them going, I tell you.

Quadrupeds - This is where the submerged ego of mine tried to surface itself. Way harder than it looks, quadruped work is basically shredding on all fours. Carried out on a fifty-yard stretch (see top photo) we did the following:
1. Forwards
2. Backwards

- Which sounds like nothing, but believe me, I was breathing after each one, and just having the instructors tweak your positions ever so slightly made the movements so much harder. Really good for warming up and getting you strong.

After a couple of water breaks, we moved on to running technique, which we also used as a warm up. The secret basically is to run silently and always on your toes, being able to run in all directions too. The keeping-quiet part was the surprises.

The British Cheddars were melting, so it was time to move on to some techniques, which formed the mid-section of the class.


Precision Jumping

Using lines on the floor, the SP instructors taught us how to jump properly. Again, something which I thought I had got down, indeed I hadn't. Gladly, one of the instructors pointed out that I was bending too far forwards when I was landing, causing me to over-shoot the target every time. Instead -
1. Jump up and out at 45 degrees.
2. Look at your landing.
3. Land on your spot, with the balls of your feet, bending your legs no more than 90 degrees.
4. Keep your back straight head up, just use your eyes to spot the landing.
5. Keep your arms out in front of you for extra balance.

And it worked! Again, the secret was to be as quiet as possible.


Rolls, something that both Sunda-Thunder and myself were keen to get nailed, as a couple of days previously, we weren't far short of maiming ourselves trying to arse around on the floor like a pair of hyper-active hacky-sacks.

I found the side which worked best for me, and after many-a-tweakage to my technique, I matched the technique to my body mechanics. There was only so much Youtube could teach us, so having the instructor point out various adjustment procedures really helped.
We grazed our shoulders up pretty good, and we all learnt how to do the rolls on the road - the theory being you learn faster on concrete and once you can roll on rock, any other surface is easy.
Sunda-Thunda had a few savage grazes and a nice lump appearing on his back - all part of the package.

It's too hard to verbalise the process needed to achieve the roll and then the further adjustments, but all I can say, is if you're having trouble, get someone to teach you properly. I have learnt with many a different disciplines that a book or a screen can only teach you so much, as can trial and error. Having descent instruction is no substitute.


A technique we had been attempting just two days earlier, a gift from the heavens was surely in order, as now we had proper instruction on how to achieve such a useful technique.

We were taken to the 'triangle walls' which were standing blocks of sandpaper - Sunda-Thunder pretty much rubbing his fingerprints into oblivion...Fortunately I brought the love gloves for myself, so my natural identity is still intact. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but the main thing was that we both learnt the climb-ups.

The trouble I had before was not using my stationary leg to push from in conjunction with my hanging leg which was projecting me upwards. After realising that it was perfectly legal to use both of your limbs together, I found the technique more than feasible. Another success.


The third and final part of the class came, the oh-so-dreaded conditioning.

1. Lunges - uphill 100 yards - Sprint downhill 100 yards

Well, the lunges were fine, no issue. Until the sprinting came. Sunda-thunder made it, no problem. I, however, started sprinting and given ten yards my legs just started to go from under me. With a very elegant 60 degree tilt, I started to capsize and there was nothing I could do to rectify the situation! Next thing I know, I 've accomplished the only mach10 sacking out of the whole class, and there I am sprawled on my back laughing in amazement at how little control I had with my legs. Tooled, to say the least.

2. Plank - holding two rounds for 1 minute each

3. Push-ups - 4 second-negatives, explosive push upwards, 2 sets of 10

4. Quadrupeds - 50 yards uphill, 50 yards downhill

And that saw the end of the class, a good two hours of shredding, and needless to say, we were both knackered.
We had a warm down as a group to end the class which was vital, and then we were offered to stay for the free BBQ afterwards with the whole 45+ people together.

All in all, the class was well worth it, the instruction was very technical and very good; being able to approach any of the 4 instructors to ask them bits and pieces proved very helpful.

I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who's interested in learning some parkour bits and pieces.

BBQ Time

A rad outdoors BBQ laid on by the SP team, very nice.

SP - Veggie Style

After food - time for some fun in the harbour.

Cute girls, Parkour and sunshine anyone?


Weighing it up...

Sunda-Thunder and myself trained some more after the onion bombs had been digested, training our wall-runs and climb-ups, running and normal precision jumps, cat and speed vaults and muscle-ups.

Needless to say, we were trolleyed by the end of it all, but what an awesome, awesome day.
And that's how the Hazardous Pioneers roll...

Thank you Sydney.

True Self-Expression; Oz's Cockroach Graveyard

Haha, so the house where I am staying, (in fact, all the houses in this area are built the same) combined with the hot climate, makes the Australian residential architecture a haven for the little scuttling numbers.

Here's a selection of the not so lucky:


Update; Touching Down on the Under

(Photo of Australasian sunrise taken from my seat on flight 2)

...And so I have arrived.
The flights were long, the seats - uncomfy as shit, and the food left stirred up chemical reactions in my stomach that most scientists would envy, but, I am alive.

It's rad here. The weather is beaming, with redneck tan-lines already fast appearing, there are parrots in the trees, and the people are very friendly and easy-going, which is probably the most surprising.

Already I have found grass-fed beef, which is tempting me to convert back from being a vegetarian, and just up the road from where I am staying is an organic food co-op, which isn't run for profit and has all locally sourced fruit and veg! Going to check that out today. And amongst other things along this street - an Anarchist bookstore, vegetarian restaurants/cafes and an independent cinema.
If capitalism has to exist for the time being, then this street is probably the best example of how it should be done - tons on individual businesses stretched over a couple of miles, all with character and intelligent pricing. They've figured it out, and it's a blessing to have it all so close.

More details coming soon, as lots has happened in such a short time!


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Update; Hazardous Davis - The saga begins

...And so it's that time again. The call to travel has returned, with a vengeance!

Off to Australia it is, and I have NO idea what to expect or what I will come across on my path. All I know is I have a good feeling about this one, so I will do my best to share with you all that happens to the hazard-man.

If any of you are out in that part of the world during the next three months at least, get in touch - who knows what might happen!


Knowledge: Video; Codex Alimentarius

I was sent this last night, you know who you are - Thank You.

Now, this isn't pretty, so get ready to 'raise your state' after you watch it.
The lady that presents it; a little nuts. But talks sense and seems to know her shit.
The time-frame? Just over a month, so I guess we'll see if she's talking shit or not come December 31st.
Enjoy, if you can;

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Knowledge: Video; Confessions of a Traffic Warden

Confessions of a Traffic Warden

Well worth watching the Channel 4 Documentary at the above link.

Some interesting points -

1) Durgha's view of England being 'non-violent'...Oh how different his pre-conceived notion of what violence is in day-to-day life...It might not be shots to the head on a daily basis, but England's definitely got its violence.
Like the narrator mentions 'I fear he might be dissapointed...'

2) Durgha is one of a kind with regards to passion for this country. The average immigrant worker hasn't read the works of Shakespeare.

3) 'Bashers' - the traffic wardens that proudly set out to give as many tickets as possible, well, to be honest it doesn't surprise. Learning what I know now about the psychology of uniform and how it affects personality function, especially from the Stanford Experiment, I am not surprised to find that although there are no official targets to be hit, certain workers take out whatever conscious or sub-conscious anxt they have in ticket-giving, or 'bashing'. Isn't it interesting that they are given a badge number, (which is a new inception, giving them the power to arrest)and that their uniforms are so hectic - Hi-viz stripes, numerous pockets for radios and equipment, etc. Very similar to that of the security industry, perhaps even militant.

4) 'Code Red' - Oop, definitely getting more militant! 'Within minutes, back-up arrives' - Haha! Even the old bacon brigade is helping them out! Haha! Wow, all in the name of revenue.

5) 'Safe streets' as embroidered on the uniforms of the wardens. This, is what democracy looks like - radios, uniforms and immediate back-up.

6) 'It's a kind of game, yeah?' - Oh it is my friend, a game that requires you to play Balls Out!

7) Clever use of editing perhaps, but do you notice how on edge the vast majority are in the film, both the wardens (fearing of their own lunches being spiked!) and the general public?

8) 31.30 - a warden's own perspective on what 'democracy' will look like...

9) 35.55 - 'But Durgha knew, in order to keep his job he had to be firm with the public' - oh that's right, wage-slavery's gonna require a swift trade of your morals folks.

10) 40.50 - And that's the sound of the 'Moral Dilemma' approaching... 'Sell your soul...go back to sleep' whispers the hum of the machine.

11) 'You should kill your emotion. You should become professional.' Wow. That just solidifies my lack of surprise when genuinely good people enter a governmental institution, or even a profit-based institution, and then become 'evil'. It all makes perfect sense. 'You should be mechanic' - an intrinsic characteristic of a component of any machine, would you not agree?

12) 'I want to empathise with the people' but this 'places a man in a very terrible condition' - and that is the nature of capitalism, that it cannot function along side of democracy. The two cannot co-exist with eachother.

13) 44.30 'Let me tell ya that members of the public will never like CEOs. That's a fact.' Oh, the reciprication of distrust and hostility. How productive.

14) 'They don't have any spirituality' - It's a sad, sad truth my friend.

15) 45.30 - Pay Attention!

Hope you enjoyed it,

Knowledge: Video; How mushrooms can save the world

Haha! You want some hefty shit!!??? Watch this!
He chats fast, and you'll probably want to watch it a couple of times, but Stamets knows his shit!

Word to Mushrooms,

Urban and Wild Survival: Video; Anti-Terrorist - Larder of Last Resort

A few interesting things about this video-

1) The Ray Mears book that is featured on the vid is the very one I picked up last weekend, not having any prior knowledge that it might be mentioned in one week's time on YouTube.
For those of you that know what I'm cracking on about - just another 'sign' you might say. Haha.

2) Listen to the bit where AT says '..or perhaps we come to find out that it's all a big practical joke....well, in which case we have a big feast to celebrate anyway.'

Last night I was chatting with some friends about this exact mindset - Preparing yourself for life/what comes after it: what's the point? Well, simply put, if we get to the end of the ride and there's nothing after it, despite all our preparations, at least we had a good time ridin'...!

3) Yet again, AT chats sense, and seeing as the HPHQ has a whole section of our way of life devoted to learning urban and wild survival techniques and preparations, I thought this video may be of relevance.

Time to get my Rambo on,


Click the 'more info' section here for the resources listed in the vid.

Anarcho-Spirituality; Video: Bill Hicks on Mushrooms etc

Ah, the Hicks-meister,
Just thought I'd share the knowledge...


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Anarcho-Spirituality: Pscyhonautics: A good days pickings!

A recent jaunt out into the countryside resulted in these bad boys:

Fly Agaric mushrooms, pretty much perfect.

Let the ride begin!

Knowledge: SouthWest Trains - Advice for Life

That's right comrades, let's stoke the flame of the Empire, and live to lie another day.
And you thought capitalism's fuel was technical...

Knowledge: Berlin's Reichstag Security - JOKE

Ok, I'll try to keep this post as concise as possible.
If you are naive/ignorant/stupid enough to think that train-station, airport or even GOVERNMENT BUILDING security ('security') is really that secure, and is there for your safety, then think again.

I have proof it isn't.

And if you're not one of the above, read on anyway, because I still have proof.

Location: Berlin's Reichstag (Government) Building on a cold, cold early evening in November.

What we were doing there: Being tourists, looking around the glass-globe on the top of the building that Norman Foster built (it contains an exhibition).

All that matters about this post is that I illustrate that the security on the way into the building was a joke.

As we walked inside, I saw that a few men dressed in suits, along with some ladies, were searching people's bags and their persons, putting their clothing and baggage through an x-ray machine, and then walking under the arches of detector-ness to see if they set it off, as shown below -

Half-way through the Que, I suddenly realised that I had some sparklers left over from firework's night still in my back pocket.
'Shit!' was the first thing that came to mind, 'What am I going to do with them?'.
After the initial 2 second panic (that seems to be the involuntary reaction that these scenarios are constructed to produce in our brains) I gathered my thoughts and concluded 'Actually, fuck it, let's see if I can beat these people.' For lack of a better explanation, I went into the mindset of someone who REALLY would want to blow this place up or commit an act of 'terrorism'.

And this was the first thing I noticed. Yes, the very first.
Look at the picture below and you should see a major flaw in the way the queuing system was set up in the reception area of the Reichstag:

Now for clarity's sake, the people on the right of this picture are standing in line, waiting to be searched.
The people the very left of the picture have already been searched and are waiting to go into the elevator to enter the exhibition.
Upon first glance, do you notice how CLOSE these two lines are together.
I.e. how close the searched and thus 'clean' citizens are to those who have not yet been searched, or potential 'terrorists' some might say?

I took these photos without the flash, as to not draw attention to myself, and also after I had been searched -

Notice how none of the gentlemen in suits noticed me taking a picture even.

Now what happened when I remembered about the sparklers in my pocket? Well, one of my friends had already joined the 'clean' line, literally about 4 feet from where I was stood. If she had gone to the back of her Que, and me to the back of mine, I would have been about one foot away from her. And so I actually debated on handing her the sparklers, because I thought they would take them off of me.
This picture below, shows on the left hand-side the end of the two lines, and how they practically sit NEXT to each other -

For argument's sake, let's replace 'sparklers' with 'bomb/chemicals/'terrorist contraption'.

If you didn't before, do you now see how this WHOLE setup is simply to fuck with people's heads?

There was no REAL function to it that would 'prevent terrorism', and what you have to understand is that all these setups for public/private 'security' could NEVER prevent a terrorist with a serious intention.

It's all an illusion.
Simply because, I, someone with moderate-common sense found the loophole to this whole facade in under a minute.

Now how's that for YOUR security?

Definitely time to wake up.

Dumpster Diving Diaries: Midweek Madness - BUSTED!

So, yesterday lunchtime I decided to hit up the bins behind my flat, just to see if the local green-grocers had thrown out any goodies.

Lo and behold, they had! And just as I was sorting out my mushrooms from me peppers, one of the shop's employees came round the back and was shocked to see me head first, arse last, out of one of their bins!

'What are yoo doing then?' she asked.
'Well, I'm getting some food' I replied, quite matter-of-factly.

'Have you asked the owner of the store if you're allowed to do that?' she said, (there's nothing lawfully/legally that says I have to but out of common sense and to humour her, I concurred.)

'Actually I haven't, would you like me to?'
'Yeah, you better, just in case' she said.

And no surprises, the store owner let me, simply because we already know each other on a first-name basis, and before asking for his permission to do it, I asked if he could 'do me a favour'. Crafty.

And here's what I got...Lunch! -

That's the first time in 2 years that I've been 'busted', but with some manners and common-sense, you'd be surprised what you can get away with.


True Self-Expression: Video; Put your chute out for Detroit


True Self-Expression: Video; BASE Jumping and Politics

Check out the following vid;

Pretty cool idea.

And then it hit me.

These guys just sold out, hard, to Red Bull- the energy drink that gives you 'things', such as links to Kidney Failure.
Thanks, Al.

Not to mention the fact that the situation sucks - if you don't sell out to Red Bull(shit) then how would you get an opportunity like this to swing, off a rope, into a sink hole, abroad, all paid for? Exactly.

Oh well, maybe you'll see Hazardous Davis helicopter-drop it, with a message duct-taped to the top of his canopy...

'Fuck Red Bull'

Word to mother,

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Update: Hazardous Pioneers Email

Just a quick update to say that our email address IS up and running now,
Word to Mother,


Monday, 16 November 2009

Knowledge: Don't take the Swine-Flu Vaccine!

This has come to my attention recently, simply because for the past couple of days whilst having the radio on in the kitchen, adverts have been coming on talking about Swine-Flu vaccinations, and telling the audiences how PREGNANT WOMEN are a priority for getting injected.

This forced me to ask some questions...

If you've watched the AntiTerrorist videos that I (re)posted the other day, you would have seen James Lovelock being interviewed, and talking about how he thinks that the optimum carrying capacity of Gaia (earth) is about 1 billion people.
Fair enough, I personally agree.

However, THEY (the other half of us) know this too, and so in order for their plan/agenda to function as they want it to, they need to cull the human race by about 6 billion. Oops.

As for Swine-Flu? Well, read and watch on, because Swine Flu might be the beginning of this 'cull'...

And then, once you've realised how fucking hectic this all is, get out and ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY. My personal preference? Learning the dash vault.

'Truth Jock' Good ol' David Icke'oms, telling it as it is:

Go here, to AntiTerrorist's website and download the info pack on the vaccine.
CSL STATE IN THEIR OWN REPORT that the vaccine may not be suitable for PREGNANT WOMEN.

Don't take my word for it.
Check it out, and don't get jabbed with this shit!

Knowledge: Video; Do you own Facebook?

Maybe it's true. Or maybe they just really want you have a great online 'social' life...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Anarcho-Spirituality: Video; AntiTerrorist REPOST

Sorry troops, last videos weren't working for everyone; redemption card -

Friday, 13 November 2009

Knowledge: What I learnt at the hospital today

2 interesting things I came across today...

Dialogue from receptionists..

'Why on EARTH would you want to do that? You're a technical analyst for a major company and you give it up to be a snowboard instructor? Why would you do that!?' - Says the male receptionist (!) talking about someone in the third person, to his colleague.

'Maybe because it's your passion.' - says female colleague.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Because anal-ising a massive corporate bumhole is THAT much more invigorating than snowboarding down nature's furniture. Wow, if really think that, then no wonder the world's fucked.

Second thing I learnt...
(Ok, just before I continue, if diet interests you, could you please look up an array of figures for the amount of deaths in this country that are due to junk-based, grain-based and refined-sugar based foods.
I think it's a lot, and I seem to remember from a book I am reading that this figure constitutes a pretty large majority of the deaths in this country and America.)

Now can someone PLEASE tell me, that if this country REALLY gives a fuck about its people and that it REALLY takes pride in its National Health care system, why on Earth is there a vending-machine selling the contents of satan's pantry in every hospital in the country?

Just think about that for a second.
If it seems a minor detail to you, then fair enough. But read on, combine the below with the above figures you just researched, and then figure out if technology is REALLY getting people well.

Now I know why this situation might be the case, and it's not to do with the government really caring about the nation's own care-system.

In order for hospitals to keep running, would it not make sense to place privately-owned machines in there? What kind of machines; vending, x-ray, surgical, incubator, all of the above?

Tax the population for health care.
Fuck the budget up a bit, pay privately contracted doctors + surgeons, fork a shit-load out on equipment (but forget the beds, always the beds) and then realise you're in the red.

Oops, we have a situation.

So, cue Plan B; place vending-machines in the buildings, on as many floors as you can. This might just generate some revenue from renting out the floor space. (Granted, it isn't the only revenue generating scheme or by far the largest, but it's intrinsic health damage-capability is interesting.)

Drumroll...The biggest kwarm that I have with this little thing I noticed today? Fill these machines with SHIT.
The contents of these machines, if eaten daily (staff?), would cause noticable defects in the body's ability to function properly. I am sure of that.
What better way to reciprocate health-problems (relating to diet) nationwide than to feed the unhealthy in hospital with shit food?
Oh wait, 'double-whammy', you can also feed the healthy that escort the unhealthy with shit food, and, well, double your money.
Now also spike the hospital's canteens with your cheap, shit-filled produce, and you could be talking serious bloody-paper. Especially if you hit up every hospital in the country, and definitely if it's one company dishing out all the machines.

Just a thought...

Update: Hazardous Davis' trip to the hospital

So, today I went to the local walk in centre in my city, to get my wrist checked out.
In a nutshell, the process was very blessed. Usually, in this city, getting results through the NHS is a pain in the arse. But today, something greater than myself was looking over me, and everything fell in place quite nicely.

A brief background to the incident -
Sprained my wrist pretty hard 4-odd months ago.
Got checked out at the doctor's, great service and got a referral for an xray at the hospital. Awesome.
Got the xrays done. Nothing broken. Great.
Except for the fact they sent me home with no further information on how to prevent the pain I was having, which in fact, was possibly the worst thing that could have happened.
2-3 more months of pain.
Pain finally subsides; forgotten about.

Fast forward til now; wrist starts hurting again.
With recent Movnat and Parkour/Gymnastic activity, this is most uncool.
Frustration leads to motivation, so I look into getting it checked out again.

Taking the advice of the receptionist from the local doctor's surgery, I tell a white lie at the walk in center, saying I fucked it a couple of days ago.
Proceed to step 2.
Upon seeing the nurse, I tell her I am off to Oz in two weeks, and I want to get it sorted. Note to self - Rapport is the key.
Turns out, she lived in Oz for three years...
Cue conversation and proceed to step 3.
I get xrays done from a hot south-african nurse.
Proceed to step 4.
Nothing's broken, and I get a wrist splint which should help.
Proceed to step 5.
I did some training earlier with the splint on, and no pain.
Miracle from the NHS.

Proceed with life...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

MovNat/Parkour: Video - Daniel Ilabaca


True Self-Expression - Travel - Bruges

Hazardous Davis In Bruges

Some photos from my recent travels to Bruges.

Definitely a cool place with lots of character. It hasn't had the shit homogenized out of it just yet, and there's definitely an original, 'eery' feel to it which I hope the photos we took below capture.

If you get the chance, check Bruges out. Expensive, but hustle it hard and it'll be worth it.

MovNat: Video - Be True to your Nature

What it's all about.

MovNat/Parkour: Video - Shaun Wood - Vagabond

Check it.

MovNat/Parkour: Video - Training in NYC

Dope video showing some British dudes over in NYC teaching some yanks on how it's done.
Warm up is knarly, try it!

True Self-Expression: Video - Craig Campbell Stand Up

Gotta love the clever and fast comedians,
This dude's pretty on it-

Anarcho-Spirituality: Video - AntiTerrorist - Playing to Win

Now this IS some dope shit.
This guy chats sense, so make sure you listen, and watch it back a few times.

In part two he talks about 'Raising your energy/frequency' once you've found out the headlines or had your dose from the 'truth-jocks'.

When I returned from Asian travels earlier this year, I found myself on the internet for hours and hours each day. And what was the result? I wasn't LIVING. Instead, my frequency was getting lower and lower, and I was becoming enraged about the state of affairs that the world had to offer me.

Well, how did I stop that? Simply put; I started living again.

And in this video, the AntiTerrorist dude sums up brilliantly that very mindset that I encorporated.

Thanks to the person that sent this to me, you know who you are...

Word to Mother,

Anarcho-Spirituality: Video - The Liberation of Canary Wharf

More goodness.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Anarcho-Spirituality: Video - Everything is OK 3

Some great chat going down here.

Update; Lots of dope shit is coming your way!

Hello troops,
So Hazardous Davis is back from European Carnage, and is ready to inform you of everything he has learnt and come across in the past couple of weeks.
Make sure you check the archives for this month, as there is going to be a shit load of goodness coming your way!

Update from Hazardous John - He is alive and well, and really living his dream and following the right path. We couldn't be MORE proud of him here at the HQ.

Word to mother,

Anarcho-Spirituality : Video- Charlie Chaplin gets RAW.

I didn't realise the man spoke!
Listen, and listen carefully.
Then act accordingly.