Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Observations in Commerce 16; Student Behaviour - The Global Pattern

OIC 16

Student Behaviour - the Global Pattern

The attitude and general behaviour pattern of students on a night out here in NZ, is exactly the same as back in the UK. It's a little sad really - the modern-day student is altruistic and universal in his activities that are classed as 'having fun' - the term 'homogenised' comes to mind. Of course the irony being that leisure time is a time to get creative, and the student attends a University - an institution that was once classed as 'encouraging Free-Thinking'. One only has to look at the output of the average Western University to realise the falacy in the above statement.
I made this observation during Fresher's Week here in Hamilton, NZ. Not that I was really expecting anything that different from back home, but it was interesting to observe just how the same it all was. And also how self-destructive, too.

16b. Student Health Patterns

Maybe on a health level, universally, it's self-destructive to do what the average student does each average weekend. But perhaps socially, this observation that their behaviour was self-destructive, was really only destructive to me, as it was I that had to put the mask on (much assisted by alcohol, I must admit) that I was actually enjoying my time as an intruder in Freshers' Week. Really, all I could summon to think was how average it all was.
However, for someone that might not see the system for the fallacy that it really is, the social behaviour that is present on a night during Fresher's Week, might just be socially beneficial to them - I mean, 'University social-life' these days, is surely at the top of young people's lists when going through the selection processes in making decisions towards which Uni's to attend?

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