Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Observations in Commerce 11; Health vs Anxiety


Health vs Anxiety - a comparitive study

I would have to conclude on this observation that your level of health and your level of anxiety towards your money situation are pretty much inversely proportional.

As your anxiety towards your financial situation increases, your level of health seems to decrease (stress being the catalyst).
I've found this the past few days with my diet. As soon as I'm taking into account the idea that I have to save as much money as possible, my diet turns away from my original intentions of eating healthily.

It seems that healthy eating, even paying attention to food, is the first thing to be discarded, especially when saving money is at the top of the priority list.
I noticed this from people who were spotting how healthy I was eating during the first couple of days of my arrival in New Zealand. As I write this, it has gone to shit, and this is only a couple of days later. Interestingly enough, no one has commented on my plate of rubbish food, only when it's healthy.

It's interesting how easily food and health are cast aside into the shadow of financial anxieties, yet without proper attention to food and health, your life becomes shortened, and thus the possibility from getting long-lasting satisfaction from the money that you have saved/acquired is also greatly reduced. Oh, the irony.

On a slightly darker note, that's also a great way to keep a population of a mass-civilisation in order - have money in circulation and restrict financial access, so that people's number one priority is getting money. If that's the case, food/health aren't going to be as large of a priority - thus overall health of the population deteriorates. Cue the pharmaceutical and medical industries etc and BOOM! Billions! How convenient!

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  1. Look at the word disease. Dis-ease. When we are not at ease, we are diseased. Is there anyone in the Western World who isn't diseased?