Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Obervations in Commerce 23; Protests and the Law of Attraction

OIC 23

Protests and the Law of Attraction

This might piss a few people off.

This observation concludes my current stand on protesting.
And that is that protesting against the system is utterly pointless, if your intended result is gain freedom.

'What you resist persists' - Carl Jung.

And it's true. The more you try to resist and fight the system, the more energy you're feeding the machine - which is exactly what any machine needs - fuel.
Now I'm not advocating acquiescence either. Because apathy and just going along with our system is just as bad in achieving a result of freedom for all.

But if you're looking for a greater standard of living within the system, well, that very concept is a fallacy. How long will a 'greater standard of living' last within an unconscious reality?
In a similar light, if you're trying to collapse the system by fighting it; that's just as futile as acquiescing.
I don't know of any buildings, especially pyramids, that collapsed because people threw enough stones.

I do however, know of plenty of buildings, that have collapsed due to their foundations giving out. In pyramidic terms; removing the corner stone.
The pyramidic nature of our fairytale relies on we, the people, the prop it up - to be the cornerstones.
You take away enough people, the system collapses.
I'm not talking about killing off the general population.
I'm talking about a population that genuinely wants to take responsibility for their own actions.
Pulling out the foundations of the system I think would mean people pulling out of the system. Not people trying to fight it and collapse it.

John Harris mentions pulling out of the system, and from what I have gathered, it is possible. But as I have also figured, doing so is no easy task.
Pulling out of our system has a much greater probability of resulting in freedom, than does throwing rocks at a pyramid, hoping it will fall.

And so my attention is now focused on how one achieves this 'pulling out'. I have no idea how it could work for everybody on the planet, or even how it could work for me just yet. But hath no fear.
As now I am beginning to consult with those consitute themselves as 'the others' in my life, so that we can all come up with some practical ideas for achieving freedom outside of the system.


  1. You said "our system". It's not 'our' system. We are just users of the copyright (the carbon copy of the natural reality), and our overt slavery is the royalties we pay.
    As long as we hold responsibility for all our actions and make sure our actions are of benefit to those around us, we are all benefitting. I think that might be something to consider as part of the plan.

  2. Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself. ........................................