Monday, 2 February 2009

Episode 2 : Hazardous Davis Does Hong Kong

What's craaackin' fellow hazards?

So that time has come once more, Episode 2 is now up on our Youtube channel
so make you sure you check it out after reading this!

A little insight -

Hazardous Davis went solo to HK for three weeks, with out his accomplice Hazardous John, as he is currently in crunch time, with his exams for being a Scuba Instructor fast approaching!
This episode showcases the early days in Hong Kong and some raucous efforts, no doubt.

Going to try and put some photos up here on the blog too, for you to check out.

A quick side note towards the up and coming HP Productions;
Episodes 2 and 3 are mainly insightful ones on Hazardous Davis' trip. Episodes 4 and 5 will feature some info on how you too, can accomplish such adventures as had by Hazardous Davis in HK.
The HP's are also looking to bring you a 'Gourmet Special' episode, showcasing how we eat on the cheap, whilst on the road.

Make sure you drop us a line once you've watched episode 2! And thanks for all the great responses we've had from our debut Episode 1!

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Cheers guys,
Obey Little, Resist Much,


PS: If you could keep Hazardous John in your thoughts right now too, as he is just about to undergo his super-important Scuba Diving exams, which he has waded through his fare-share of shit to get to, so drop him a supportive line if you have a spare minute!
Peace and rice

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