Monday, 9 February 2009

'Arrrrrrrr' Yeeeeew Rrrreadddddaaaayy?

Moods are considerably lifted today. So much inspiring stuff going on, mainly words of motivation and truth coming from other peoples’ mouths, which is just helping me all the more to understand that the path I am on is the way to go in the current situations that the world is facing right now.

So, first of all, let me introduce you to the A.L.F. aka the Animal Liberation Front.
How would I describe this lot, in a nut shell? Fucking Knarkill. If that does make you want to read on, I don’t know what will.
These guys are the epitome (late 80s) of planning missions, and carrying them out very effectively and guerrilla style.
So who are they? Well they’re not an organisation, but a group of people, presently located all over the world, carrying out activist and direct action, usually economic sabotage and the freeing of animals.
I’m telling you, some of the shit these guys do is HARDCORE. Makes the days of my youth spent painting a commuter train here and there look pussy. These guys don’t fuck around, and to be honest, they inspire the hell out of me.
If you own a pet, then this one is for you. If you appreciate a mission in life, guerrilla or otherwise, then this is also for you. If you get stoked of shit that’s knarly, this is definitely for you, and if you have nothing better to do than read this, there is no excuse but to click the following really is there?

This is a 7 part-film uploaded to youtube. It is intelligent and controversial. I warn you now, some of the images and footage are HECTIC.

Other news;
I just turned down my accepted place at Liverpool University for September 2009. That should tell you that myself and John are serious about Hazardous Pioneers and hitting up South America in September.
Haha, quite comically, the only reason I re-applied to Liverpool, was to get a confirmation letter to help getting my USA visa back in August 2008. Seeing as that went all tits up, I had forgotten that I was supposed to turn up to Uni come September this year, haha.
Well, I don’t agree with the University system in the UK, and reading the letter that Liverpool had most recently sent me, I was laughing at a comment they had made.
‘A ‘prestigious’ scholarship of £4,000 will be awarded to whoever, as long as the grades are AAB and they will only qualify if their household income is less than £20,700.’
Tell me, through logic, how many kids in the country, who come from a household with as low as income as that, are expected to get as good a grades as those!??? I got AAC at a-level, and that was with my mum sacrificing next to everything she had to pay for the fees!
The chances of that are so bloody slim. And only £4000! That will pay for less than a third of the expenses needed for Uni in the UK, LESS than a third, and they call it a ‘scholarship’? Fuck off. That is a puny gift, considering the money that could be given to kids to study.
This evening, after John returned from his course/exams (no rest for the wicked, even on Sundays) we decided to go and eat Italian food.
Ah, the joys of home’s cooking. Figured that it has actually been over two months since we both had eaten pasta. Please don’t tell the fam, as that could result to us getting shot if we ever set foot in Italy in the near future! And if it’s any consolation, after putting our ‘crimes’ into chronological order, I did feel a little guilty.
Still, we went up the road, to a place that is run by an Italian fellow, and had some lush pasta. It was cooked aldente as well, an absolute miracle in Asia! But, they only gave us 4 bits of bread. 4! And wasn’t even Italian bread. So, we got another 4, then I thought, bollocks to this, I’m going next door to by a loaf. So I did. And I smuggled it back in to the restaurant. We put the bread under the table, sat on the spare chair, and ripped at it in secrecy. We had been given salt, oil and balsamic vinegar, so hands down, we both made a pledge, there and then, to abuse our resources as best we could!

And we did. And it was awesome. A taste of the first two years of my life. Quite a ‘nostalgic mouthful’ you might say! The pasta was lush, and the bill didn’t hurt too much, as we both walked away from the table feeling stumped. But not enough to not spend our change on a cornetto each. Actually, we termed a new phrase, ideal for summing up everyman’s perfect dessert; ‘Cornetto and a MILF’. That’s what it’s about.

After waddling down the street like a couple of cultured Sumo’s, we got back to the hotel and watched ‘Battle in Seattle’ which I downloaded the other day. It was a good film actually, interesting, and used a lot of original footage of N30 which can be found on Youtube and the internet.
One thing that it does solidify, if you’re clued up on the subject of pacifism, is that pacifism don’t work son! Not against these very monsters that we are trying to bring down. And the real life footage shows that perfectly. I would recommend you all to see it, the intro especially is interesting, showcasing a little info about the WTO.
Evening time is just chilling out and trying to ward off the seemingly infinite amount of red ants and mosquitoes that seemed to have filled our apartment. Bastads!
This following week is going to be rammed with information, and I challenge you NOT to find something that inspires you over the next seven days.
It’s going to be quite something, I can feel it!
Stay strong, see you on the ‘morrow’
Peace and rice

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