Friday, 30 January 2009

Hazardous Pioneers Update

What's good everybody?
Hope you're all well and having as Hazardous a month of January as we have been!

Just a quick update;
Hazardous Davis is back from Hong Kong, having a dope time, and coming back with lots of stories that you can read here -

Hazardous John has been studying hard for his up and coming exams for his Scuba Diving Instructor course.

And most importantly, we have new videos coming very, very soon! There will be a couple following Hazardous Davis' trip to HK, and also a HP 'Gourmet Special' showing just how we eat on the cheap when we're out and about, traveling around.

Stay tuned, and we'll let all of you who are members of our Facebook group - when the video is available for watching on our YouTube Channel!

Peace and rice to all,


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