Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Informative Indulgence Part 3

Part 3 of the Informative Indulgence series;

Why I am no longer…

Upon getting out to Thailand, my original intentions were to sell produce (that I would buy from the markets) online, using Ebay. The profit I would generate would then pay for food etc.

However, that worked once, and I made a massive £2. Realising the profit margin was almost non-existent, I decided on other methods, but not before giving it some thought for a month or so.

Later along the trip, I came up with the idea of posting cigarettes back to the UK, selling them to mates, so that they too, could sell them on at universities. There was a loophole in the UK customs regulations with regards to importing small amounts of cigarettes, so as a true hazard, I took advantage.
This was a feasible way to pay for the trip.

My other method, to pay for South America, was to also post back cigarettes, to various addresses, then wait until returning to the UK, before collecting all the saved packages together and taking them with me to the festival circuit, and selling them to the crowds there. We estimated that with the amount we could ‘legally’ send back, come the summer time in the UK, we could make between £3000 and £6000 in three months, if not in less time.
‘Awesome!’ I thought. ‘There’s the ticket right there, and I’ll hardly have to do anything!’
Or so I thought.

It was only Friday of last week, that I was researching on the laptop, and came across a post called ‘The Top Ten Worst Corporations of 2008’.
Always interested at which wankers are trying to fuck us all over (just so I know), I clicked the link and got reading.

Well, isn’t that funny.
At number 9 I think it was (and it was not in rank order) was Old Matey Boy Tobacco MONSTER Philip Fuckin’ Morris.

Yes, the Mr. ‘I own Malboro cigarettes and I own you.’

Reading on, I learned in a brief paragraph or two, that old Morris had been fucking over countries, including the likes of Indonesia and Philippines.

‘That’s interesting,’ I thought, but didn’t think much more of it.

I did proceed to research further however, using the site Corpwatch I typed in old Philip ‘Exploitation’ Morris, and to my surprise, I found a number of articles related to the subject of death.

A simple search in google, when looking for in depth articles about any major corp’s dirty operations, just doesn’t produce results, literally.
So, I clicked on one which seemed to appeal, the result was it was all about child labour in Malawi.

Child Labour I thought to myself?

Child. Labour?

With cigarettes?

Surely not.

It’s just picking the leaf out in the fields.
The kids’ work is in the sweatshops??
Or at least that was my line of subconscious thinking.

I proceeded to read through the document, and was absolutely gob-smacked at the case studies that were used, and the real life examples of the workers featured.
Here’s the amount of articles

Here’s the one I read

I couldn’t get my head round it for a minute. And then it hit me. Not 1 foot from where I am sat as write this, is a package of cigarettes, ready to be divided up and shipped off to England.

Not long before reading that article, my attitude was ‘Hey, I’m just the middle man. If people want cigarettes, that’s their choice.’

However, it’s not a well informed, fair choice.

Guaranteed, those smoking don’t realise they’re supporting Child Labour.
Hell, I was selling the fags, and I was clueless.

And after realising that I was too, paying money to buy the ciggies, even if I was selling them on at a marked up price, my money was also advocating Child fucking Labour. I am contributing to the very atrocities that I’m reading about.

Well, it didn’t take long to make the decision of ‘Fuck That Son!’ and there and then I decided that I will find other ways to fund the South America trip.
I’m not advocating little kids getting beat by plantation workers for the sake of me travelling. No Fucking Way.

And so I pose it to you, if you smoke ANY sort of tobacco.
To be honest, I couldn’t give a fuck about your health.
It’s your body and that’s your choice.
But supporting acts of injustice, like the very ones you will read about (if you have the guts to click on the above links)?

Surely that’s unquestionable as to whether or not you’ll keep smoking? Surely?
If you smoke, you’re just a branded fucking tool, I’m sorry to say it.

‘But sometimes I just feel like a cigarette’. Yeah? Put your own fucking kids on that plantation in 40 degree heat and get them to pick the leaf for your ciggy, see how nice and ‘relaxing’ that fag is now.

Put your own wants and desires out the window for just one second and think what you are CONDONING by taking just one breath of that smoke.
You may oppose child abuse. Hell, you may be the one fuming in anger at the reports of kids getting beating by their parents or step-fathers that are drunk. Yet all whilst contemplating your rage with a fag in your mouth.

Whether you abhor child abuse or not, you are supporting it by smoking, even if you’re aware that you are or if you’re naive/ignorant and didn’t have a clue.

Don’t condone child abuse, especially by smoking your fags.
Do yourself and the rest of the world a favour and throw them out.

You’ll fuck your body up faster by breathing the smoke from the bonfire, and if it’s lung-gunk you’re after, then try it, it hurts.

But don’t put your cash into these profit machines and support innocent kids getting abused, whether it’s 40 a day or ‘just a quick one’.

As to reinforce my point towards ‘informing people so that they can make a fair decision, not bias’, this is what I came across yesterday.
This is a direct quote from a message that they wrote, and I have no doubt in my mind, this is what millions of people are thinking.
(The quote is kept anonymous at request.) –
‘Philip Morris isn't that bad. Every cigarette box has a Surgeon General's warning. If people can't take a hint and decide to smoke anyway, it's their own personal choice.’

This person is suggesting that Philip ‘isn’t that bad’ as he’s kind enough to let the consumer know that his product might just fuck them up. How nice of you Philip, regardless of the fact that it is your duty / the law to correctly inform the customer of your products’ contents.

Let’s hope that the person that wrote that, reads the above info and articles, and makes their own decision as to whether old Philip really ‘isn’t that bad’ or not.

To close,
‘A mind that has been stretched, will never return to its original dimension.’ – Albert Einstein.

And as we’re on the theme of burning, ‘it’s time for you to burn!’ No, not you cigarette head, but the people that own you: -

Throwdown - BURN

Peace and rice,
See you tomorrow.

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