Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Informative Indulgence Part 2

Ok, hopefully you enjoyed yesterday's effort.
Without further a do ...

Do you think you set yourself apart from the rest?
Would you think of yourself as generic, or a clone perhaps?
Do you too, HATE consumer culture, everyone buying needless shit all the time?
Do you try to make a statement with the original and rare stuff that you own, as to show you’re ‘not the same as everybody else’?

If you’re something like a Yes, No, Yes, Yes answer to the above, or even if you don’t, you simply HAVE to read this article.
I bet you like the film ‘Fight Club’?
In which case, you have no excuse not to read it.

I read it the other day, and it got to me. In fact, I was thoroughly pissed off whilst reading it, even for a further two hours afterwards, whilst I tried to dissect it.
However, after those two hours, I finally got round to understanding what these peoples were on about, and now I can’t praise it enough. There are truly inspiring thought patterns which are recorded here, by two well respected university professors of Philosophy, in Canada.
I recommend reading it the whole way through, and stop to think every now and then, at just what it is they’re getting at.
If after reading it, you still don’t get it, feel free to get in touch with me.
Link: http://www.thismagazine.ca/issues/2002/11/rebelsell.php

It’s interesting to think that people like Shepard Fairey, (recently collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue, also created the Obama ‘HOPE’ picture for his campaign) and org’s like ‘AdBusters’ are really just cogs and fuel to the very fucking machine that they are trying to communicate ‘defiance’ towards. Oh, the IRONY.
After reading the above article, I recommend watching this film here on google video, ‘No Logo’ -

Particularly, the section on ‘Virgin Megastores’ is very interesting, talking about exactly what is mentioned in the writings above.

That’s all for today chums,
Oh, and on a side note, we here at the HPHQ have got some fuckin’ exciting missions planned for our return to the UK in the summer. Haha, aren’t we the devious ones!
To close,
‘Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world (for good or bad). Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’ – Margaret Mead

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