Friday, 13 February 2009

Informative Indulgence Part 5

Reyyyy, Friday the 13th. Well, I’m not a superstitious person, so today won’t relate to that in any way, haha.

Instead, keeping up the theme or more precisely, lifestyle, of ‘anti-consumerism’, I guess it is now fair to start looking at some possible solutions to the ways of the world at present.

Yesterday, I mentioned ‘Clarity’. But that, I mean this: We have looked at just a microscopic amount of all the shit that is going on in our world right now. The truth is, if you keep looking for it, you will never stop finding out the negatives.
But I feel that now, after introducing you to a segment of ‘the shit’, it’s more beneficial to get you looking for yourselves at ‘possible solutions’ or ideas, or in that respect, pretty much anything that IS positive.
The truth is, there are 1000s of ideas floating around as to what we could be doing.

For me, I am currently in a process of selection, ‘torn between two ideals’, if you like. Two sets of ideas that I have come across which I have deemed as possible, and now I am just trying to look in to each one more, and see if it is something I can go and put a lot of effort into.

To be honest, I have given up with Politics and government as we know it. I now view myself as someone who upholds the principles and living ideas of an anarchist (including primarily those of individualism, anarcho-syndicalism and collectivist anarchism).
If you still have faith towards the government, as an ideal that can work for the better of mankind (in a society) and life in general, then that is your choice. For me, I have found enough evidence, and had personal encounters that have helped me make my OWN choice, best concluded by the phrase ‘There’s no government like no government’.

So, going back to the idea or ideals of ‘a solution’, or at least an alternative, I would like to put forth the two theories and ‘movements’, if you will, that I am currently in the process of dissecting and formulating an opinion upon each one.

Today’s post will start with one categorised movement, now commonly know as anarcho-primitivism or primitivism and is in context with ideas of ‘Green Anarchism’.
Out of the two, this is the ‘anarchism’ based movement / possibility.

For you that have read the previous ‘Informative Indulgence’ posts, (thoroughly recommended before continuing to read this, I might add) you may be familiar with the name ‘John Zerzan’, a leading thinker towards the anarcho-primitivism movement.

He was featured in the ‘Surplus’ film I posted a couple of days back, mentioning such classic analogies, such as ‘Sitting at home, watching MTV and smoking dope. To me that’s violent’.
To showcase the thoughts and ideas he is putting out there, I think the best way is to post some videos of him speaking.

Zerzan comes up with various points, some of which may sound confusing, some are simple. I think the best way for me to illustrate this to you is literally just to post links to his videos, and in your own time, watch them and dissect them for yourselves.
See what you make of them.

One set of his videos, ‘Earth’s Global Crisis’, you can watch here, on Youtube for free. It is in 8 parts and addresses some interesting points.

Another set, ‘Anarcho-Primitivism, Archeology and Anthropology’ is here, in 10 parts. Again, this link is a playlist, so you can watch it the whole way through if you please.

The last set, ‘Pretentions of Modernity’ is here, playlist too.

There are also three other films worth mentioning, which you can either watch on YouTube or Google Video, (youtube links are given.)

One is ‘Dead Society’ which is interesting, based on an interview with Zerzan. It raises some good points, for sure. You can watch it in parts, on Youtube here.

Another one, is ‘Adventures of a Speck of Dust’ , just 6 minutes long, below:

And lastly, ‘Yu Koyo Peya’ , playlist form, here:
That’s a lot of stuff there, so take your time.

To learn more about Zerzan, you can view his site here, where he has some articles that are of relevance.

To close;
‘We are all in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars.’ – Oscar Wilde

And, a beautiful song by Imogen Heap below, which is the only song I have listened to which gives me goosebumps more than 3 times, every time I listen to it!
Here is her live studio version of ‘Hide and Seek’.
Do we hide, or do we seek? I say seek. Always.
See you tomorrow.

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