Friday, 27 February 2009

Airport security and its relationship with capitalism, control and a whole bag of BOLLOCKS.

Howdy, let's get rowdy;

I wrote this on Saturday 21st in BKK airport -
‘Sat in the airport right now. Had a bit of a battle getting my liquids taken off of me. Pretty pissed off about it if I’m honest. Firstly, the grammar on the signs was incorrect, and nowhere does it say that it is the size of the container that is more important than the amount inside it. Secondly, the whole idea towards terrorism that this rule is supposed to coincide with, is absolute bollocks. If I want to blow a plane the fuck open, or kill the majority of people inside an airport, I’m not gonna fuck around with liquid consumption, let’s be honest. Nor would I let some slender tart run his way through my bag to find them in the first place. All that the rule is designed for, is so that you buy more shit. I brought three different containers with me. Now that’s three more different things I gotta buy when I’m on the otherside, but I guarantee you they don’t sell what I require in 100ml or less containers. How convenient.’

And as our mate synchronicity is on our side right now, I thought it would be appropriate to post up an article I came across not too long after the above episode;
This was my response –
'Haha, how much did they pay you to review their product then?
Granted, having one of these bags may prove to reduce time, but the time gained from it achieves what?
A little longer in the departure gate, or more time to re-pack your wash-bag that set off the search-alarm?

Having my liquids taken off me very recently at Bangkok airport will undoubtedly make this a biased response, however, I think there are some interesting things to point out about towards the above ...

The FlyBag is capitalising on our misfortune and to some extent our (uncompromisable) control. You could say 'Well done' on the fact that someone's making money off of this idea, but you can also say that isn't the 'FlyBag' just another gutless submission to a set of laws in place that really don't need to be there?

For those of you who have looked in to the majorly flawed sector of airport 'Security', you will hopefully have concluded yourself that such a set of rules being put in place is not really an effort towards increasing 'Security' but one to increase control upon the average person.
What really results when they say you can't take these small substances on board with you? Well, more often than not, you will end up having to buy more make-up on the other side, or a bottle of water once you get through the checks. In all, you spend more money, the situation eludes you to believe you are wasting valuable time (and in such a 'pressured' atmosphere as an airport, this is effective on most people) and so in order to never go through such an ordeal ever again, you don't address the ridiculous set of rules on the chin, but instead, take the easy route, buy the smaller amounts etc, or even better, get yourself a fashionable 'fly Bag' in a grey that matches the colour of your slowly-sedated sense of acceptance.

Not really a Rant, but I think as travelers, NOT asking ourselves the questions of the underlying matters in situations like these, is only going to see our priceless travel experiences become more and more diluted as we are forced, ever so slowly, to take the food off of the spoon, with products such as these...'

Hopefully, for all of you about to travel very soon, this has got you thinking about the wider picture.
Peace and rice,

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