Saturday, 21 February 2009

Homelessness Update

Well, since being chucked out of our room, which was a very strange feeling after living there for 4 months, John and I have been floor-surfing for the past 2 nights.
Just so all you lovely people out there can see what luxury we live in, here is a photo for you all of what Hazardous Davis' latest arrangements looked like:

John spent his first night sleeping on someone's balcony, in his hammock, under his mosquito net. What he didn't know, was that there were 4 mosquito trapped inside his net with him. They made the most of it.
40+ bites in one night, here are a sample from his arm:

As further updates, Hazardous Davis is off to KL in Malaysia today, and Hazardous John is flying out to live aboard a boat for 4 days in the Similan Islands, to dive his heart out.

Come March 1st/2nd, we will FINALLY be leaving Thailand, and be off to Cambodia, which we plan to travel through in about 3 weeks or so.
Hazardous Davis has an exciting announcement to make about Cambodia very soon, so stay chooned.

We'll be with you soon,
Peace and Rice,

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