Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Apologies and redemptions (sort-of/hopefully)

Hello troopers,
So first of all, apologies with the video. For those of you that have noticed, Episode 2 isn't actually up! Sorry about that. The reason being, the internet connections over here in Pattaya, Thailand, are abysmal, to be quite honest.
I'm not sure how long it will take to get the next video up, but hopefully by the end of the week something will be done!
Again, sorry about that.

In the mean time, Hazardous John started his exams today! First day of the course and there's already 5 exams to be nailed! Crucial stuff and not for the faint hearted. Keep him in your thoughts these next few weeks.

So, as by means of redemption, you can read what I posted up today on here

Hopefully you will get something from that.

Also, in part with the above, some links you may find interesting:

CagePrisoners Site

CagePrisoners Facebook

See what you make of it.

Oh, and as a Super Update, John's just walked through the door and told me he CAINED his exams. 100% on 4 out of the 5, and 85% on the 5th.
Good, Hazardous Effort Son.
Proud of you and it's only day 1.
Good things are coming,

Blessings, Peace and Rice

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