Sunday, 22 November 2009

Urban and Wild Survival: Video; Anti-Terrorist - Larder of Last Resort

A few interesting things about this video-

1) The Ray Mears book that is featured on the vid is the very one I picked up last weekend, not having any prior knowledge that it might be mentioned in one week's time on YouTube.
For those of you that know what I'm cracking on about - just another 'sign' you might say. Haha.

2) Listen to the bit where AT says '..or perhaps we come to find out that it's all a big practical joke....well, in which case we have a big feast to celebrate anyway.'

Last night I was chatting with some friends about this exact mindset - Preparing yourself for life/what comes after it: what's the point? Well, simply put, if we get to the end of the ride and there's nothing after it, despite all our preparations, at least we had a good time ridin'...!

3) Yet again, AT chats sense, and seeing as the HPHQ has a whole section of our way of life devoted to learning urban and wild survival techniques and preparations, I thought this video may be of relevance.

Time to get my Rambo on,


Click the 'more info' section here for the resources listed in the vid.

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