Monday, 30 November 2009

Update; Touching Down on the Under

(Photo of Australasian sunrise taken from my seat on flight 2)

...And so I have arrived.
The flights were long, the seats - uncomfy as shit, and the food left stirred up chemical reactions in my stomach that most scientists would envy, but, I am alive.

It's rad here. The weather is beaming, with redneck tan-lines already fast appearing, there are parrots in the trees, and the people are very friendly and easy-going, which is probably the most surprising.

Already I have found grass-fed beef, which is tempting me to convert back from being a vegetarian, and just up the road from where I am staying is an organic food co-op, which isn't run for profit and has all locally sourced fruit and veg! Going to check that out today. And amongst other things along this street - an Anarchist bookstore, vegetarian restaurants/cafes and an independent cinema.
If capitalism has to exist for the time being, then this street is probably the best example of how it should be done - tons on individual businesses stretched over a couple of miles, all with character and intelligent pricing. They've figured it out, and it's a blessing to have it all so close.

More details coming soon, as lots has happened in such a short time!


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