Friday, 13 November 2009

Knowledge: What I learnt at the hospital today

2 interesting things I came across today...

Dialogue from receptionists..

'Why on EARTH would you want to do that? You're a technical analyst for a major company and you give it up to be a snowboard instructor? Why would you do that!?' - Says the male receptionist (!) talking about someone in the third person, to his colleague.

'Maybe because it's your passion.' - says female colleague.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Because anal-ising a massive corporate bumhole is THAT much more invigorating than snowboarding down nature's furniture. Wow, if really think that, then no wonder the world's fucked.

Second thing I learnt...
(Ok, just before I continue, if diet interests you, could you please look up an array of figures for the amount of deaths in this country that are due to junk-based, grain-based and refined-sugar based foods.
I think it's a lot, and I seem to remember from a book I am reading that this figure constitutes a pretty large majority of the deaths in this country and America.)

Now can someone PLEASE tell me, that if this country REALLY gives a fuck about its people and that it REALLY takes pride in its National Health care system, why on Earth is there a vending-machine selling the contents of satan's pantry in every hospital in the country?

Just think about that for a second.
If it seems a minor detail to you, then fair enough. But read on, combine the below with the above figures you just researched, and then figure out if technology is REALLY getting people well.

Now I know why this situation might be the case, and it's not to do with the government really caring about the nation's own care-system.

In order for hospitals to keep running, would it not make sense to place privately-owned machines in there? What kind of machines; vending, x-ray, surgical, incubator, all of the above?

Tax the population for health care.
Fuck the budget up a bit, pay privately contracted doctors + surgeons, fork a shit-load out on equipment (but forget the beds, always the beds) and then realise you're in the red.

Oops, we have a situation.

So, cue Plan B; place vending-machines in the buildings, on as many floors as you can. This might just generate some revenue from renting out the floor space. (Granted, it isn't the only revenue generating scheme or by far the largest, but it's intrinsic health damage-capability is interesting.)

Drumroll...The biggest kwarm that I have with this little thing I noticed today? Fill these machines with SHIT.
The contents of these machines, if eaten daily (staff?), would cause noticable defects in the body's ability to function properly. I am sure of that.
What better way to reciprocate health-problems (relating to diet) nationwide than to feed the unhealthy in hospital with shit food?
Oh wait, 'double-whammy', you can also feed the healthy that escort the unhealthy with shit food, and, well, double your money.
Now also spike the hospital's canteens with your cheap, shit-filled produce, and you could be talking serious bloody-paper. Especially if you hit up every hospital in the country, and definitely if it's one company dishing out all the machines.

Just a thought...

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