Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Knowledge: Berlin's Reichstag Security - JOKE

Ok, I'll try to keep this post as concise as possible.
If you are naive/ignorant/stupid enough to think that train-station, airport or even GOVERNMENT BUILDING security ('security') is really that secure, and is there for your safety, then think again.

I have proof it isn't.

And if you're not one of the above, read on anyway, because I still have proof.

Location: Berlin's Reichstag (Government) Building on a cold, cold early evening in November.

What we were doing there: Being tourists, looking around the glass-globe on the top of the building that Norman Foster built (it contains an exhibition).

All that matters about this post is that I illustrate that the security on the way into the building was a joke.

As we walked inside, I saw that a few men dressed in suits, along with some ladies, were searching people's bags and their persons, putting their clothing and baggage through an x-ray machine, and then walking under the arches of detector-ness to see if they set it off, as shown below -

Half-way through the Que, I suddenly realised that I had some sparklers left over from firework's night still in my back pocket.
'Shit!' was the first thing that came to mind, 'What am I going to do with them?'.
After the initial 2 second panic (that seems to be the involuntary reaction that these scenarios are constructed to produce in our brains) I gathered my thoughts and concluded 'Actually, fuck it, let's see if I can beat these people.' For lack of a better explanation, I went into the mindset of someone who REALLY would want to blow this place up or commit an act of 'terrorism'.

And this was the first thing I noticed. Yes, the very first.
Look at the picture below and you should see a major flaw in the way the queuing system was set up in the reception area of the Reichstag:

Now for clarity's sake, the people on the right of this picture are standing in line, waiting to be searched.
The people the very left of the picture have already been searched and are waiting to go into the elevator to enter the exhibition.
Upon first glance, do you notice how CLOSE these two lines are together.
I.e. how close the searched and thus 'clean' citizens are to those who have not yet been searched, or potential 'terrorists' some might say?

I took these photos without the flash, as to not draw attention to myself, and also after I had been searched -

Notice how none of the gentlemen in suits noticed me taking a picture even.

Now what happened when I remembered about the sparklers in my pocket? Well, one of my friends had already joined the 'clean' line, literally about 4 feet from where I was stood. If she had gone to the back of her Que, and me to the back of mine, I would have been about one foot away from her. And so I actually debated on handing her the sparklers, because I thought they would take them off of me.
This picture below, shows on the left hand-side the end of the two lines, and how they practically sit NEXT to each other -

For argument's sake, let's replace 'sparklers' with 'bomb/chemicals/'terrorist contraption'.

If you didn't before, do you now see how this WHOLE setup is simply to fuck with people's heads?

There was no REAL function to it that would 'prevent terrorism', and what you have to understand is that all these setups for public/private 'security' could NEVER prevent a terrorist with a serious intention.

It's all an illusion.
Simply because, I, someone with moderate-common sense found the loophole to this whole facade in under a minute.

Now how's that for YOUR security?

Definitely time to wake up.

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