Monday, 16 November 2009

Knowledge: Don't take the Swine-Flu Vaccine!

This has come to my attention recently, simply because for the past couple of days whilst having the radio on in the kitchen, adverts have been coming on talking about Swine-Flu vaccinations, and telling the audiences how PREGNANT WOMEN are a priority for getting injected.

This forced me to ask some questions...

If you've watched the AntiTerrorist videos that I (re)posted the other day, you would have seen James Lovelock being interviewed, and talking about how he thinks that the optimum carrying capacity of Gaia (earth) is about 1 billion people.
Fair enough, I personally agree.

However, THEY (the other half of us) know this too, and so in order for their plan/agenda to function as they want it to, they need to cull the human race by about 6 billion. Oops.

As for Swine-Flu? Well, read and watch on, because Swine Flu might be the beginning of this 'cull'...

And then, once you've realised how fucking hectic this all is, get out and ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY. My personal preference? Learning the dash vault.

'Truth Jock' Good ol' David Icke'oms, telling it as it is:

Go here, to AntiTerrorist's website and download the info pack on the vaccine.
CSL STATE IN THEIR OWN REPORT that the vaccine may not be suitable for PREGNANT WOMEN.

Don't take my word for it.
Check it out, and don't get jabbed with this shit!

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