Thursday, 12 November 2009

Anarcho-Spirituality: Video - AntiTerrorist - Playing to Win

Now this IS some dope shit.
This guy chats sense, so make sure you listen, and watch it back a few times.

In part two he talks about 'Raising your energy/frequency' once you've found out the headlines or had your dose from the 'truth-jocks'.

When I returned from Asian travels earlier this year, I found myself on the internet for hours and hours each day. And what was the result? I wasn't LIVING. Instead, my frequency was getting lower and lower, and I was becoming enraged about the state of affairs that the world had to offer me.

Well, how did I stop that? Simply put; I started living again.

And in this video, the AntiTerrorist dude sums up brilliantly that very mindset that I encorporated.

Thanks to the person that sent this to me, you know who you are...

Word to Mother,

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