Thursday, 3 December 2009

True Self-Expression; Film; 'Capitalism; A Love Story'

A couple of nights ago we went to check out MM's new film; Capitalism: a love story. Seeing as paying a high price to watch a film about capitalism's faults had too much of a sweet irony to it, myself and my accomplice managed to walk in, fee-free.

The film was interesting, and covered some interesting points. Although not surprised to some of the lengths corporations and governments were going to to fuck up the general public, I did learn a few new things.

However, as with all Michael Moore docs, he always seems to cover the 'grey areas' in such a way that for me, especially, politics is a black and white subject. But for MM, and I expect in part this is because he wants to sell his film to the masses, they way he goes about the film is all a little 'too nice' for me. Or, instead of black and white, grey.
For example; advocating democracy's inception instead of the prolonged misery of capitalism seems to me just as illusory as saying that everything at present is fine, go back to sleep.

But, I do recommend you go and see it.
I mean, what better way to practice getting into films for free, than to sneak into one that tells you how bad our current system is, yet will cost you an hour's (or two) labour just to buy a ticket?


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