Monday, 21 December 2009

True Self-Expression; All Nighter-Yoga

'All Nighter-Yoga!?' I hear you ask.
Well, yes.
It really is that simple.
Party all night. Dance until your feet hurt. Then walk home. For 40 minutes. Chill, have some food and chong a wizard. Then get back on those aching cheeses and catch the train.

Push through the tiredness.

Squint at the light's arrival whilst giving the city your departure.

Grab a bus to the stop called 'I'm not sure where' and get off when it feels right.
Walk up some hills and down some more.
Come to a beach...

And scout, hard.

Find destination and smile some more.

Enjoy the moment. Smile, this time, inside and out.

Introduce yourself to others on the same path.

Enjoy fellowship and nourish thyself.

Mission home, on a full stomach.
Complete mission with a bifta, in the garden, and smile harder than ever, because you did it.

You achieved an adventure.

Thank you Maroubra beach Yoga and to Sooz, who took the free Yoga Summer Solstice Class and gave us a fantastic breakfast!

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