Saturday, 26 December 2009

MovNat/Parkour : Training in Sydney; Week's breakdown

The Sydney Seasonal Sessions kicked off this week, and after a hard weekend containing such incredible feats such as all-nighter-yoga, it was time to dig deep into the reserves of energy for some good old training.

Circular Quay with Sick Rick
A dope session on the white rails of doom.
Techniques consisted of LOTS of precision jumps, from walls to rails, rails to rails, floors to walls and floors to rails. Good for the mental I tell you.
2 milfs approached Hazardous Davis, asking the common question 'What are you training for?' with a swift and smart-arse response of 'LIFE.'

Tried a new warm-up taking moves from John Sifferman's video ..worked quite nicely.
Worked on some more Cat-to-precision landings, balancing on rails and all things mental.
Thanks Sick Rick for a rad session!


Hazardous Davis had just an hour's session accompanied by the beast that is Bod, and in that short space of time, Hazardous Davis' precisions had increased by a foot and a half. Not bad.
A sketchy wharf jump went down, so thanks to Bod for helping to push me past my comfort zone. Much appreciated!


At last, a session with the Sydney Parkour Lads who aren't in the beginner crew! Was really up for this session and it went well. I managed three hours which was good for it, then after that, muscular stamina just started to give out.
The session consisted of another quirky warm up, and technique wise;-
Precision Jumps

Cat Vaults
Cat - to - precision landings

Camera self-timer Climb Ups

Wall Runs
Various Vaults

The boys were smashing some SICK maneuvers, and we're talking at the peak end of Australia's talent level here. These guys have collectively at least 6+ years of Parkour training between them, so needless to say it was an honour to train with them and learn bits from their arsenal of technical knowledge.
It was a really rad day, and I think that went for everyone.
Training tailed off for me by going to 'Eating World' (Asian Food Court)and demolishing a massive whole fish, which was steamed with Chilli sauce.
Good form followed by food coma.
But thanks to everyone who came along that day, was RAD!

My excuse for no training was due to having chest x-rays. I'll leave the explanation blank here, and play my suspense card...

Christmas day - No training today, but check the separate post for what went down.

Boxing Day destruction.
Definitely the best session we've had yet.
We pushed ourselves more than we ever have in a session, and it's sessions like these that you can place against all your previous training and start to see improvement. Or as Antek would put it, it was a 'Big's day'.

Had a good warm up which was abruptly interrupted by the Darling Harbour Lone Ranger. Swiftly moved on, broke a sweat and it was time for training.
The session had all sorts, most noticably -
Backflips and attempting Cheat Gainers, along with Wall Flips

Cat vaults

Wall Runs and Climb Ups

Roll Technique and Application
Handstand Techniques
Lazy vault drop offs
Precision Jumps over water

Tree Missions, sorry, TREE MISSIONS!

A can of beer each and a hench plate of Japo-Korean food. And when I mean hench, I mean this hench -

Thanks to everyone who trained with me this week, it was awesome!

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