Friday, 18 December 2009

MovNat/Parkour : Training in Sydney Update

This week has seen a good few days worth of training Parkour and Gymnastics.
Here's a little summary of how it went down;


1.5 km warm-up run
Warm up;
Monkey warm up with Quadruped and rolls
Small Precisions
Sloped wall runs, Normal wall runs
Rolls, Jumping into rolls,
Muscle-ups on tree branches (hard when they're not straight!)
Push-up tower on park bench
Sit ups
One leg (raised)lunges
Warm down; Stretch

About 2 hours total.


Thought I would be clever and not carry any water a) because it was more practical when springing around, and b) I'm sure I would find a water fountain whilst I was out.
Didn't happen. In fact, dehydration kicked in to the point that I was seeing flashes of black dots appear in unison with my heart beat. Whoops.

3+ km run into city centre. (warm up apparently, I was half dead)
Flow-work - finding a line and trying to nail it. First attempt - slit my finger open. Good one.
Climb-ups - On a roll here, as I smashed the scab off of my left wrist. The result - horrorcore movie effects.
Wall runs - attempted a wall 13 bricks above my highest reach, probably around 12 foot. Was getting one hand on the top, but due to weak grip, I didn't nail it. Wasn't happy.
Warm down and stretch

About two hours total.


Supposedly rest day. Then a mate hits me up and tells me he's training. No rest for the wicked, so off I went.

1.2 km warm up run
Precision Jump work - working on keeping back straight, as my lower back has taken a caining over the past two weeks.
Then had to battle with the residents of the housing estate, who didn't like us exercising near them. Despite me mentioning that it could be worse; I could be selling smack to teens. But apparently exercise was socially offensive enough.
Moved on.
Cat Vault to Precision landing, Precision jump - first time I learnt that. Good shit.
Tree Climbing
Warm down; Stretching

About 3 hours total.

The highlight of the week! Gym time!

Warm up; Stretching and rolling around
Backflip work - working on the subtle (really subtle) movement of the hips and 'opening' the shoulders. Started with a spot, then progressed to doing it solo.

Muscle-ups - can manage one rep on a bar. Tried them on rings - dear god, I almost split in half.
Handstands - learnt how to hold them both facing towards and away from the wall, and then freestanding. Concentrating on shoulder extension and ab-tucking, as well as balancing on the pads of the palms.
GAINER TIME! My favourite part - springing like a loon on the trampoline with gainers.
Wall-flips - right at the end of the lesson, managed to get a couple of wall flips, one was clean. Nothing like a bit of time pressure to get you to go balls out!
Warm-down; Stretch on journey home.
ICE CREAM! An important post-training nourishment exercise - Belgian Chocolate and White Chocolate (with hazelnut and coffee.)Yes sir.

That was my last gym class that I will be able to attend in Sydney. Three weeks and I have learnt a lot. Great coaching and great vibes there. Everyone was willing to help us out with any problems or questions we had. Tunes were pumping, atmosphere was vibing, testosterone was thriving but not over the top, and even a couple of cute chicks graced us with their presence. 'A good rig', you might say.

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