Friday, 11 December 2009

MovNat/Parkour; Training in Sydney

Last Tuesday saw a beast of session take form across the city of Sydney with fellow traceurs Andrew and Phil.

Sunda-Thunda and myself started the day locally, with events unfolding as follows;

Warm-up - quadruped work, precisions, climb-ups
Techniques - Precision work - Hazardous Davis stacking it a treat; thank God for breakfalls!
Climb-ups and wall runs
Stair jumps - we had a set of 7 stairs with a two meter run-up, the task was to be able to run in that short space and make the whole set with both feet.

We then made our way to North Sydney to meet Phil and Andrew for another brutal session.

That went as follows -

Monkey Quadruped warm-up
Rolls warm-up
Warm-up games on cargo nets in the playground
Precision jump game
Muscle-up practice
Precision jumps - learning how to not be a pussy and push through mental blocks

Balance work on rails with more Quadruped work
Wall runs
Dash and Kong Vault practice

Slim-space climbing
Cat vault to pole swings (!)

Reverse rolls from dead hangs (up on to ledges)
More Precision work

Dyno work
More wall runs with climb ups on ledges only suitable for finger grips

Conditioning to end the session (by this time we were sufficiently fucked)

Thick branch tree Chin Ups - 1 set of 10 regular
1 set of 8 regular
2 sets of 6 - slow negatives, explosive ups

Depth jumps from the seats of a picnic able - 1 set X 10

Lizards Quadruped work across 10m (also known as moving spiderman push ups) - forwards and backwards X 1 set

Push ups - Towers - Using a picnic bench putting your feet on the various levels below;

2 sets of the following, 2 mins rest;

Table level - as many as poss, move down a level
Seat level - as many as poss, move down a level
Floor regular - as many as poss, move down a level
Knees - as many as poss, move down a level

(Definitely ruined by this point)

Stretch down to finish.

It was a DOPE session, and yes, my body was feeling the steel.
Here's a couple of shots of the hands post-shred;


Thanks to the boys from Sydney Parkour, we had a sick day, and definitely couldn't walk properly for the following 48 hours!

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