Friday, 8 May 2009

Update: Hazardous Davis spends day in Casualty

It is true, I have spent the day in Doctors' surgeries and the city's hospital, but to no avail, well, not quite.
A few weeks ago I smashed my wrist up skateboarding. Stubborn as I am, and with the excuse that 'I have never broken myself before, nor is this time any different', I never went to the hospital. 3 weeks down the line, it still hurts.

Off to the surgery I go, and impressed I was. Not with the surgery, nor with the system that the NHS operates upon, but with the staff, well, doctors and nurses specifically. My doctor for the day, Mrs James, was a beast. She was rifling through patients at the rate of knots, and somehow still found time to gain rapport with me and ask me about my travels. It felt like I had known her for ages, and she wrote me a referral to get an xray speedily up at the hospital.

Round 2. I cycle my arse off to get up there, wait a bit, witness the eye-candy in A and E, which despite being somewhat defective (hence being in A and E) was actually quite pleasant.
Get the Xray, 'Nothing broken'.
And that was it.
Still in pain however, so nothing really solved other than the fact 'Nothing's broken'.
Well thanks Al, nothing like solving a problem is there?

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