Friday, 1 May 2009

NEW VIDEO - Dumpster Diving Diaries S01 EP02

Hazardous Pioneers have a new video, for season two of 'Days in the Life of a Hazard' - Dumpster Diving Diaries.
The words to the video are below;

'It was a Sunday. Midnight. Whilst you were sleeping, I was scavenging for my next feast of eating.
As you dreamt of freedom, I lived it.
The heavens withheld their fury as I was permitted to hoard and swim amongst the waste of the rich.
From this I will remain complete for seven days.
My body will process this waste in to fuel.
Each day, I will gain strength and become an ever-increasing threat to society.

I have arisen from my pre-written grave.
I shall never sleep again.
My eyes now see all that doesn't lie before me.
No longer am I a slave.

I am a parasite who's significance is overlooked by the shadows cast on my morality by the towers of consumption.
Each second I breathe the fumes of ignorance, my breath turns to fire, only to scald the views of the elite and light the way for tomorrow.

This is the waste upon which I feed.
I shall devour this load like a vulture to 1000 corpses.
These obsolete quantities will satisfy my raging hunger and once they have ceased in their existence, I shall strike again. For I have no boundaries. No man can restrict what he discards if his existence relies on disposal alone.
And for every cast away, I will be there. Waiting.

Under the city's miserable skies,
And eyes of rain, clouds and despair,
We still press through.
Torn apart, from the crowd of hearts,
Our message is deeper.
This is what dreams are made of,
Until they smash before you.
But still, we pick ourselves up,
Out of the shards of past failures.
Our hearts never break,
Even though we may still taste their blood.
Our scars lay thicker than most,
And our marks are immortal. '

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