Monday, 11 May 2009

If you live in the UK, this should piss you off.

Gordon Brown - That fat fucker; let's 'av' a gander at the slimey primey-

Job: Prime Minister (Questionable, I know)

Salary: £194,250 (Fucking hell)

Second home in Westminster: (He only lives around the fucking corner!)
1st January 2006 – 31st March 2006

Ground rent: £37

Food: £650 (You fat, fat, FAT bastard)

Utilities: £374.38

Telephone: £83.70

Cleaning: £1403.90 (For 3 months, are you joking!?)

Service/Maintenance: £581.87

Repairs: £90.14

Other: £108 (three months of Sky at £36 a month)

Other: £1396 (internal decoration)

*Cue Vomiting*

'...he and his wife, Sarah, paid his brother, Andrew, a high-flying executive, £241.30 a month for “cleaning services”. The payments later increased to £262.'

'Among the items he was reim­­bursed for were light-bulbs worth £15 and a £265 John Lewis vacuum cleaner.'

'In 2005, the expense of installing a £9,000 Ikea kitchen at the Westminster flat was apparently spread over separate claims covering two financial years, allowing him to remain within the annual ACA budget of just over £21,000.'
(£9K for a fucking kitchen!? *VOMIT*)

'In 2006, he accidentally submitted the same bill, for £153 for plumbing work at the Fife home, twice, and was paid accordingly on each occasion. Yesterday, a spokesman told The Daily Telegraph: “The bill which had been accepted by the fees office was inadvertently assigned to two quarters. When this inadvertent error was discovered, the amount was immediately repaid.”

The Prime Minister is believed to have repaid the second bill yesterday after being approached by The Daily Telegraph' - (I bet he did. I say we do a 'Wanted', have a chat with the vermin, attach bombs to their backs, give them a block of cheese for their loyalty, and arm the fuckers with a warrant for No. 10)

'...following Mr Brown's continuing refusal to say sorry for some of his Cabinet’s behaviour.'


So whilst you are all out there, earning your hard-earned cash under your conditions of wage slavery, look at what the 'leaders of our country' are doing.
Is paying taxes in 2009 any different of an activity than holding some lube in your hands with your trousers down?
I think not.

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