Monday, 4 May 2009

FREEGANISM RESOURCE - Hazardous Davis' Latest Freegan Efforts

Ok, so first up these first 4 photos are from midweek last week, where myself and a friend of mine got together to fuck over a chain-store restaurant that he was working in. He was working in the Kitchen as a porter, and noticed that a) they were throwing lots of food out, and b) they had lots of perfectly good food there to rob. So, as friends do, he gave me a call to see if I was interested, and, well, the rest is history.
Lots of fuckin' mozzarella! Which we turned to french-bread pizza and caprese.

And now for last night's effort;-

CRUMBLE! (From last week's massive hoard of apples and plums.)

In total, this is what I took last night-

3 bags of Onions
4 boxes of cakes
1 box of doughnuts
1 box of Fruit 'n' Fibre cereal
1 box of 6 cherry bakewell tarts
4 packs of 4XTriple Choc Cookies
3 packs of 5Xbaguettes
1 loaf of Bread
3 Tomato and Basil Soups
3 punnettes of grapes
1 pack of 8XKiwis
1 pack of 8XSausages
1 walnut cake
8 packs of 5Xcookies
15 packs of mushrooms
11 eggs
1 Sesame Loaf
4 Ciabatta Rolls
1 Banana

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