Friday, 8 May 2009

Update: Hazardous Davis goes on Homeless Outreach

Last night I went out on the Homeless Outreach, and it was successful, yet humbling, as always.
Seeing Portsmouth's ever-changing, yet ever similar homeless community always puts my personal issues right into perspective of how trivial they are.
When you see a man in his late fifties, barely able to walk and struggling to stand due to his leg brace, cold to the bone despite wearing two thick jackets, and is homeless because he 'owes the council HIS housing benefit' (which should surely be renamed 'LOAN' and benefit is not something you should have to pay back now, is it!) which totals £840, 'How the fuck on earth is he going to manage that sum?' I hear you cry - Good fucking question - Yes, it definitely sobers you up.

However, all is not lost. Although the outreach is part of a church in Portsmouth, not something that I advocate as such, and seeing as the church are doing NOTHING to solve the problem of homelessness, merely 'treat' it, which is still better than nothing I might add, Hazardous Davis is determined to do something with his ability.
Although not solving it himself (yet) he has taken it upon himself to sort their food crisis out.

Yes, by dumpster diving alone, these boys won't be feeling hunger much longer.
This weekend, HD vows to get all the fucking bread he can handle, and cakes, and whatever else their might be, so that his mouth and those of the needy shall be satisfied for one week at a time.
Watch this space, I can't wait to see the smile on their faces next week when I tell them that all that food is for them.

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