Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How to travel like a Hazardous Pioneer Part 3 : PACKING

The P word, and the hardest part for me. For years and years I have tried to pack light, and it’s never been successful. Until now. If I pack too much shit, it might actually kill me, so being easy on the weight side of things is a must.
These are the things that I am taking with me:

Big Sports Bag (I don’t have a flashpack-backpack, so the rugby bag will have to do)
7 tshirts, 1 rashguard
5 pairs of shorts (don’t need a belt with any of them, they are all board or basketball shorts)
2 pairs of thin long trousers
2 pairs of shoes
One aeroplane blanket (5 finger discount)
One small towel
One Buddha drape, wrapped inside it is a back up mosquito net.
5 pairs of boxers
4 pairs of socks
One survival guide
One inflatable neck cushion
4 wife beaters
One belt (might come in useful for lynching some unsuspecting rabbit, who knows)
One ultra-thin and small sleeping bag in it’s own carry bag

One Laptop
One skype phone
Digital camera and charging equipment
One ipod and one Ipod nano
One hat (dear god, that’s a miracle)
One penknife (packed in check-in luggage for flights)
One pair of sunglasses
One bog roll, wrapped in plastic (nothing like soggy shite paper)
Small pot of Guarana 5X strength (gonna need it if I’m cycling the length of SE Asia.)

Tied to my Rucksack is a hammock, and wrapped inside that is another mosquito net. My hammock will be my bed for the most part.

That’s about as light as I get.
Then I also had to dump a SHIT load of stuff, of which is going to the local orphanage here in Pattaya, with which the Dive Center has connections with apparently. Pain in the arse, as I had bought a lot of the shit I’m chucking, upon arrival out east. Well, it just shows, this is the time to start getting over everything materialistic.

So, all in all, you need to list your musts vs wants. Load all of your musts. If you still have room, add a couple of wants for comfort. And then you should be good to go.
If this is all horribly miscalculated, you’ll find out soon enough, as you’ll witness cyber-complaints from my keyboard, cursing at how my back cannot stand gravity and my bags having a relationship together.

Although I am packing considerably less than a flashpacker, if it’s adventure you’re after, packing as light as possible is a good habit to get into.

This cheeky little video might help you to save time too, what a brilliant bit of knowledge to share;

And fellas, incase you meet that lucky lady(boy) on your travels, and as a matter of chance, you’re dressed like this fella below, then pay attention towards; HOW TO UNDRESS IN 2 SECONDS

Hope this helps,
Peace and Rice and less than 24 hours to go.

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