Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to travel like a Hazardous Pioneer : Part 1 Video

So, some of you will know that here at HPHQ, we have some interesting and exciting Hazardous News to announce!

Let us elaborate;

Hazardous John has been offered work in the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, he cannot continue his travels in South East Asia, however, he does have a lot of excitement and incredible times to look forward to out west, hopefully as soon as late April!

As a result, Hazardous Davis will be traveling solo, with the intention of managing to keep vagabonding until June, on a very limited cash supply.

And so, what better way to learn how to travel like a Hazardous Pioneer, than to learn as we learn?

Hazardous Davis will be posting his lessons on this blog, as he learns them.
Treat these series of posts, (entitled 'How to travel like a Hazardous Pioneer') as an archive of first hand accounts, at having a go of living the 'Vagabond' lifestyle, on the road for 3 months.

Just exactly what is a Vagabonding lifestyle I hear you ask?
Well, if you're traveling at present, traveling soon, away from home or are constantly dreaming of what it would be like to escape the homeland, then watch this video below, presented by one of the most interesting Vagabond characters out there, Rolf Potts.
The video brings up some fantastic points and some of his stories are quire fascinating.
The video will take just less than an hour of your time.

Peace and Rice,

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