Monday, 23 March 2009

Has Britain got a problem with the Police?

Has Britain got a problem with the police?

There are numerous examples of their questionable conduct:
Damian Green
Jean Charles de Menezes
The abuse of Form 27 to disperse legitimate assembly – especially football supporters;
The building of the FIT database;
The un-scrutinised roll out of ANPR without debate in parliament;
Cash for peerages;
The routinely oppressive policing of demonstrations;
The routine mistreatment of suspects;
The lack of accountability of ACPO (it sets policy and pursues goals but is immune to scrutiny and FoI requests).

Who are the police working for – themselves or us?
Who are they answerable to?
Have they become politicised?

Speakers in the video below:
Chair: Hilary Wainwright (Co-Editor, Red Pepper)
Speakers: Malcolm Carroll (Spokesman, Plane Stupid)
Cilius Victor (Jean Charles de Menezes Campaign)
Steve Powell (Director of Policy, FSF)
Harriet Sergeant (author and research fellow, CPS)

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