Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How to remember everything you'll ever learn ...

Want to remember everything you'll ever learn?
Or more realistically, do you want to retain 95% + of what you set out to learn?
No I’m talking about cramming. Cramming is what we do when we have to regurgitate knowledge onto a paper exam, usually with subjects that take up our valuable time that we could be spending doing the things we actually love.

I’m talking about learning 95% + of the material that you REALLY want to know and retain. The subjects that you are passionate about, your rights as a human, your favourite quotes, whatever it may be, there is an answer.
Some of you may have heard of it. It is based on years of research and maths. That was a good enough selling point for me, and whether it is or not for yourself, read this article first.

I downloaded the software, for free, the other day, in about ten minutes off of a torrent website.
It is true, the user interface is ugly as fuck, but the program IS usable, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

The other day, I wrote about studying on my own VS studying at Uni, and said that I would smash the records of what I would achieve in a Uni setting.
Well, multiply those records by about a 1000 more, now that you have Supermemo at your fingertips.
By using incremental reading, and physical interaction using question and answer techniques, Supermemo is well on form for getting you on the path to retention. I figured out the interface’s basics in less than an hour. Youtube and Google both have info on using Supermemo, laid out in Layman’s terms. I say go for it and try it out, if you’re not on the road. If you have a desk with your laptop, and can make time, use it. The software will remind you when it is time to read something again, etc, so it helps if you use a computer regularly.

For me in these next three months, I don’t know when I will be coming across electricity, so it’s not worth me using Supermemo just yet. However, when I get back to the UK, if South America is still on the cards, then you can bet I will be using Supermemo to learn about South America in 3 months or less.

Check it out, see what you think,
(The video narrator is boring as FUCK, AND he’s demonstrating with Obama, however, the video DOES show just how easy it is to start using Supermemo in conjunction with shit like Wikipedia etc. So ignore the monotony and political fuck up, and see if it makes sense)

95% + retention seems pretty dope to me,
Peace and Rice,

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