Saturday, 5 March 2011

True Self-Expression; Slacklining; Hazardous Pioneers' Video Retrospect-Collection

Why not bring you a selection of the finest and most recent Slacking vids that the world has to offer, ey?


Slackline from Damian Czermak on Vimeo.

Joshua Tree Highliners - Directors Cut from Shea Design on Vimeo.

^^This one looks like it's a bunch of still photographs but linked together to give that slo-mo feel....

From the director - Sometimes I wonder into the dessert for inspiration and to be with nature, other times I find it in my front yard. This short piece is a composite of those experiences meant to momentarily captivate the viewer with distortions of time and space set to Zen moments borrowed from brave sky walkers.

slackline in the dolomites - my mental rehab training from Armin Holzer on Vimeo.

^^...had a pretty bad ski crash in april '10. immediately the day after the my right knee got refixed. broke just everything in there, boom exploded!!!!
after this I spent 5 months in the rehabilitation center, training every day... crying, yelling, oh man. hard times!
in september my mental rehab training began... finally my right knee was quite strong enough to go highlining...
And here we have the result.
mental training by armin holzer...
Enjoy the edit, and feel the vibe!!

Equilibrium - teaser from Bruno Villela on Vimeo.

^^And this one just for dope camera work..

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