Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Anarcho-Spirituality; Psychonautics; Erik Davis 'Sampling Paradise'

So it turns out that Erik Davis writes even better than he speaks. He's an accomplished freelance writer within the worlds of the weird and wondrous, and I have managed to find a few of his pieces to share with you all.

This article below, was originally written for a magazine in '95. Davis was paid to go to Goa and rave, tripping his balls of on the Indian Bays; and what you're about to read is his account of it all.

Awesome! Definitely a story for the grandkids.

It's one hour past midnight, and the jungle throbs with techno. The tropical breeze off the Arabian Sea is warm and wet. I stuff a wad of rupees into the outstretched palm of the auto-rickshaw taxi-driver, and head toward the noise. I'm 350 kilometers south of Bombay, in India's coastal state of Goa, and I'm about to hit a rave.

Read the whole thing, here.

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