Friday, 19 February 2010

Update; February 2010

Raw shit, coming your way, very soon.

I've have started a new life over in New Zealand, and needless to say, my first week has seen some hilarities, some fuck-ups and a few successes.

All shall be revealed shortly...

To look forward to -

'OBSERVATIONS IN COMMERCE' - Hazardous Davis' hands-on, first-view records at the world around him, and how polar it can be. A must read, and could well be turned into a book come early 2011.

'DIARIES OF PREPARING FOR DEATH' - Hazardous Davis' diary records from a 1 week experiment, where he lives each day as if it was literally his last. And only one week was possible because of how intense it became.. can you frickin' imagine!?

'TRAVIVAL COMPILATION' - Tips of survival whilst travelling, also known as 'Travival' - first-hand knowledge from Hazardous Davis on how to keep it real whilst on the road. Note- Not for flashpackers, because you suck.

Stay tuned, because the above selection really will be blasting your heads off,

Word to the mothership.

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