Tuesday, 23 February 2010

True Self-Expression; Travel; Money isn't the issue

Some more wisdom from Christopher Ross, with regards to travel and money.

People ALWAYS ask me how I afford to travel. The verb 'to afford' is the misleading part of it all. Money isn't the issue. So now, when someone asks me that question, this is what I tell them -

"My friend Graham told me about his adventures in Baja, California. He wrote a book about the time he spent walking, exploring and living in the desert, and after months alone there, returned to his job as a teacher at an inner-city school.

He told me how he had tried to inspire a class of 16 year-olds into imagining the possibilities of adventure and escape.
'But, sir,' they'd all chorused, 'we've got no money. You need money to travel.'

He told them he hadn't needed money. That when he arrived in Baja, he had just 200 pounds and did odd jobs and lived off the land to keep going.

They refused to believe or accept this and the plaint about the insurmountable money barrier was raised again and again.

'They needed more imagination, not money,' said Graham."

- Christopher Ross

And under the Travel section, that's exactly what Hazardous Pioneers is all about - how to increase your imagination and manage to travel, not your finances.

Remember, finances are fictional, they are created by man and asserted value. Imagination is yours, and no one can take it from you. It is pure and natural, and it's important to cultivate it further.

Granted, it's fucking difficult, as I'm finding in my current situation on the road here in New Zealand.

We are all conditioned, by force pretty much, to have as little imagination for such actions as Travel, which means by the time we actually try to accomplish such feats using more imaginary forces than financial, it proves to be a struggle. A struggle which many never begin to endure due to fear, or ignorance, or both.

I'm taking that struggle right now, and rest assured, what I learn and figure out will be shared with you here, on this blog.

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