Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Knowledge; An Afternoon in an Australian Prison Cell

An encounter with Sydney's Police Force - Hazardous Davis

The afternoon was dry, roasted peanut dry, with the sun blaring down onto the arcade of Newtown's 70s concrete formations.
That meant I had sweaty nuts, but the fun didn't stop there.

Upon leaving Newtown's train station, I encountered two of Sydney's Finest Transport Police Officers, perhaps the two most illusive, too.
In fact, the illusion was that they were real Trannie Police, but the truth? Well, they never actually stated that to me; all will become apparent.

My interest with dealing with the Police really was solidified when I became aware of AntiTerrorist's videos on Youtube a few months ago. A victim of Police misconduct in the UK myself meant that it was only natural to want to clue myself up with regards to how to deal with the boys in blue.

'Oi! Oi Buddy! OI!' shouted one of the guards at the top of the stairs, as I walked to their left out of the side exit.
Naturally I intended to keep going.
You don't need a ticket to just wait for someone on the platform, that really would be a milking. Or do you?
The Transport officer's arm was out, and against my chest. Later I would discover that 'his hand was out and it was I that had walked into it' or what could also be interpreted as Bullshit.

I had come off of the platform, as a result of not meeting a friend, to hit up the beach for the afternoon. That was the plan. But when I didn't see him get off the train, I thought he might be out the front of the Station, up at road level.
I got to the stairs and then was encountered.

They said they wanted to see my ticket. Then when I didn't answer (amateur move in hindsight) they snappily moved on to 'What's your name? Give us your name, your address. You MUST give us your details'.
When I asked what LAW they were operating under, they gave me a statute. And when I told them that, that's when it started to get aggro...

What started with two Transport Police progressed in a few minutes to 3 Police officers joining us, to make a party of five.
When I asked them what LAW required me to give them my details, well, again, they gave me statute. And again I corrected them. And again, they got more, and more, livid.

Unfortunately they arrested me because I was silent. When I did give them the AntiTerrorist 'Mantra' for arrest, they didn't take record of it. Ignored me even.
I was searched, and they found my passport in my bag - something I had packed for my visa appointment earlier in the day.
'Bollocks' was the only thing going through my mind when they found it.

They put me in the Police Station, all 3 of them.
I shared a cell with a meth addict and a mentally-ill alcoholic. And the whole time, you could see the sadistic look on "PROCON HARLY'S" face. 'Think you're so tough not talking to us do you spiritual man' his face said. 'Just wait and see what these crackheads are gonna do to you'. His eyes said it all.

Time passed. The whole floor was livid at me for correcting them legally. And the responses we that off 'I don't give a fuck' from ol'Harly, and 'you are the biggest TWAT I have ever seen in my life' one of the female officers on duty squealed at me through the perspex, shit-stained door of my cell.

As I sat between what felt like an air bubble in a skagheads syringe, I tried to block out the smell of stale urine and Bacardi. In fact, recently learning how to meditate, I did that.
'Breath Awareness' I told myself, as I tried to ignore my arse going numb on the planks beneath me.
And it worked. As the whole floor got even more pissed, I seemed to feed off it and give out a soulful bi-product; calm.

I sat it out. All of it. 4 hours in there. And came out with what I wanted.
I gave a hostel address as my location. That's the hostel that I've never checked in to. I refused fingerprints, hardcore. They actually grabbed me and told me they would (quote)'Force' me to do it, because it was their station and my 'rights' didn't apply there. I kept composure, and despite getting a little twitchy at their 'legal threats' (note; not lawful) and some of their massive out-numberings of bacon bap to civilian, I refused to panic, even if I had no fucking idea about going to court.

The charge - Traveling without a ticket.
Refuse to give transport police Name and Address
Both of these are acts; statutes.

The final product - A 'Court Attendance Notice' for about a month's time. Note; Notice. Oh, and nowhere on the document were my passport details.

Other things to note -
I only signed for my belongings.

Their statement was incorrect.

I did not sign at being given a court notice, a statement or any paper work for that matter.

I thought I would lose a tooth when I said I adamantly do not give consent for my fingerprints to be taken. It was the hardest part, as I was uncertain whether I would win this won. But I stuck to my guns and they couldn't force me to do shit, no matter how many threats.

Their language was somewhat primitive to say the least, almost ape-like, but I didn't let myself forget that they too, were just ignorant people. Humans, somewhere inside.

I snoozed and I loozed; a) By carrying ID such as a passport, b) For not telling the Transport Officers straight away that I was waiting for a friend on the platform, c) and for not walking away from them fucking quick enough, as long as I was on their land (about 1 inch from making it to the curb!) they could detain me there.

But, on the plus side, I have come away with only a Notice. For those of you that don't know the relevance of the latter, check out 'John Harris - It's an Illusion' and watch it online.

And no I'm not going to court.

I didn't pay anything either. That's what they want from me if I go to court, money.
See 'The Strawman Illusion' video online for more about that.

I held my ground and stuck up for myself. No one else was there to, and when my friend did eventually arrive, I didn't want to get him involved. Instead, I wanted to use this as an experiment. I knew enough with regards to not paying anything and getting off in the way that would benefit me the most, but not enough to sail out empty handed. Experience truly is the best teacher, and I've now a ton of questions which I will research the answers too as a result.

If you have any info you can pass to with regards towards what I should do next, please email me.

And never forget, they never got their fingerprints.

I've written up the day's events in a more creative way. There are many important details that have been omitted, but pay relevance to the whole 'freeman' set up.

If you want to know more, I will share in hope that you can further increase your knowledge with regards to walking this land freely.

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