Thursday, 16 September 2010

Update; September

So, the Hazardous Pioneers are both back from their travels, and in the UK.

Ultimately, the current plan is to work towards a self-built, Hazardous Pioneers Complex.
That begins with buying land, a mission we are currently on.

So, posts from now on, might take a bit of a shift towards sustainability / house-building / self-build kinda stuff, along with the other bits and pieces that we come across and find interesting.

We have both decided that we have spent enough time developing our left-brains. The last 20 or so years have been dedicated to that.
Now we want to progress our right-brains, and have concluded that in order to do so, we first need our own land and property to be able to start exploring these realms.

Most people on this planet, leave life with their house and property, spending a life time to earn it, and even so, it's not always 100% theirs.
Well, we have figured that our starting point is going to be where everyone else seems to finish.
Just think of the possible realms of exploration - we know all the stages of life that lead up to having something/somewhere that you can call 'yours'. But what about what happens after that? Most people will never know, but we have decided that this is where our real journey of living begins.

So sit tight, as we'll try to feature as much as we can on here, all be it more esoteric and 'right brain' in nature,



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