Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Anarcho-Spirituality; A Personal Reflection upon; Frugality

A Personal Reason, and Reflection upon; Frugality

Extensive choice aids the distraction of man from the path of personal freedom. I.e. Having great choice unto a variety of 'somethings' has no relation whatsoever with regards to how personally free you are, and thus can be deemed futile to concentrate upon, or better known as a 'distraction'.
Therefore, a personal choice to become more frugal in life, means in one sense; to reduce my number of choices with regards to material acquisition (usually achieved by utilitarian purpose over fashionable purpose of an item) - arisen from the realisation and understanding that having lots of choices with regards towards synthetic objects has done none other than distract me from working on my level of personal freedom.

That is not to say that choice is bad/spiritually binding, however. Choice is available to man in and amongst Nature, after all. For example; regarding natural food choices - 'Do I choose between the orange, or the pear? The hog or the buffalo?'
But from what I have found, choices amongst Nature still leaves man the space to focus on his internal self. Synthetic choices are on overdrive in today's society - 'Which do I choose?' becomes the first 'spiritual time-waster'.
Then shortly behind that, follows man's obsession with making this choice; perhaps more damaging than the former.

Becoming more frugal, in my experience, gives the bigger picture of life a chance to show itself. Suddenly, you begin to see how much time you have wasted, obsessing between synthetic object A or B.
You begin to see once you're not so obsessed with choice making, the item you actually do choose, really has little affect on you as a being within the bigger picture of life.
This results in an effortless switch to begin making your choices between natural objects and natural ways of life - where choice is more materially limited - but as a result, you feel a greater sense of spiritual liberation.
You feel like a material-burden has been lifted off of your shoulders - shortly followed by the truthful realisation that being subjected to extensive synthetic choice, can only illude you into thinking you're freer than you really are.

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