Monday, 26 October 2009

Anarchist Bookfair Report

So last Saturday, 24th saw my first experience of an ‘Anarchist Bookfair’, this one im particular being held at the Queen Mary and Westfield College in Mile End, London. And where to begin!? What a fantastic day it was.

Although I only spent a couple of hours picking up various texts and other assorted anarchistic pieces of wisdom, it was a wicked day with great organisation, and surprisingly busier than I thought it would be!

Haha, I had to laugh. I rocked up in the first hall thinking ‘Wow, this isn’t bad.’ And it actually took me a further 30 minutes to realise that I’d been bumbling around the ‘Welcome Hall’ and that the Main Hall was down the corridor, turning out to be about 3 times the size! Fantastic!

I’ve attached some photos of the literature I picked up, along with various quirky items such as stickers and leaflets.

I did myself proud of stickering the fuck out of my route back from Mile End to Euston, gaining some hilarious looks of dismay and amazement from members of the public, and a wink and a smile or two from fellow under-cover anarchists, as I rushed to peel, slap and pat ‘mind-assaulting’ slogans on the LCD monitors that now gracefully line the escalator routes leading both in and out of the underground stations.

If you haven’t been to an Anarchist Bookfair before, I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately I didn’t network as much I had liked to as I was on a pretty stiff time-budget, however, everyone I did speak to was sound as a pound, and were fully open to chatting longer I’m sure, if only I had more time!

If you’re interested in Anarchism, then Saturday solidified the fact that there is a SHIT LOAD of literature available out there for informing you all just what the fuck we Molotov-slinging, black-attire-winging nut-jobs are all about. Your best bet is torrent downloads, but you can’t beat a good old shred of a book-fair for feeding off of the buzz in the air from like-minded people. For those of you that know the Pioneers personally, the books that I now have in my possession will be lent out to you if you wish, in due course. Having a good selection of Anarchist Literature is always valuable, mostly for lending out to people to have a good old gander out so they can form an opinion on the topic for themselves.

Bare in mind however, getting too caught up in reading the literature is just as pathological as sitting back and reading fuck all, so try to balance the informative front with the activity front, and you’ll be doing just fine.

Word to mother.

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