Thursday, 18 June 2009

VIDEO: Limp Bizkit at Download 09

Limp Bizkit, Fuckin' up your town.

Part 1 Break Stuff and My Generation

8.43, look who it is, Hazardous Davis himself: 0867.

Part 2
My Generation and Livin' It Up

Hello again, at 6.10.

Wes Borland, never fails to impress with his outfits now does he?

Part 3 - Show me what you got + Nookie
8.11 pretty much getting gooched in the face.

Part 4 - Hot Dog + Eat You Alive

Part 5 - Rollin' + Full Nelson
The British BumRush

Part 6 - My Way and Faith

Part 7 - Take a Look Around

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